Announcing the Traditionalist Youth Network

be white

Towson University White Student Union leader Matt Heimbach and Author and Innovator, Matt Parrott have corroborated on the formation of the Traditionalist Youth Network which they hope will be the nucleus of a social movement to radically alter the face of the United States.  Like the youth organization Generation Identitaire in France, the Traditional Youth Nework recognizes that race,  folk customs, language and Faith are all united in creating our identity.

Since Matthew Heimbach is graduating from University very shortly, The Traditionalist Youth Network continues the work that the White Student Union has begun.

Traditionalist Youth Network Mission.

Read more here:  Traditionalist Youth Network.




7 thoughts on “Announcing the Traditionalist Youth Network

  1. mindweapon

    Awesome! I’m so glad Heimbach is corresponding with Parrott! Parrott is a very Wise Elder of White Nationailsm, even though he’s younger than us.


    Ehhh. Seems way too mushy. It NEEDS to be explicitly racist and exclusive. I’m going to create something better and cooler when I get back to California.

      1. BIGDOUG

        Just graduated last week, so I am still looking for jobs. I’m from southern California, but I kind of want to try Northern California. I should be settled in a month or two and will begin work on something soon after. I will let you know.

        As Bowden says “Thats where the leaders of the extreme right often come from…the arts”

        How can we win? Bowden again:

        “By making it exciting, by making it the oppositional force in the culture…the Right will only defeat the Left in the Center if it is more more creative, more energetic, more intelligent, more sassy–cooler”

        Hiembach’s site is too tip-toey. It lacks moral outrage and passion at the currents state of affairs. We must make people understand that to support diversity is a moral evil. Heimbach uses too much of the enemy’s buzzwords:

        “seek to build relationships with students of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, but to empower them”

        “We’re not a threat to the students who are homosexuals, minorities, and atheists; we’re an alternative for them to consider”

        “We embrace ethnic minorities on their terms, validating”

        WEAK WEAK WEAK. I want to hear revolution not ‘book club’. We also need design. We need to sell ourselves, like this except racist.

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