Ban Anti-Science Magazines!

John Horgan of magazine Scientific American has written a blog post entitled, “Should Research on Race and IQ be Banned?”  Need I say more?

Personally I don’t read scientific magazines.  I leave that to smarter people.  BUT, misinformation posing as science can be very, very harmful to a society.

If there is empirical evidence to suggest that the average intelligence of brown children is lesser than than that of White children.  The world needs to know it.  White people, especially, need to know it.

Whites need to start asking themselves, “Is this good for White Children?  Is this good for White people?”

In the meantime, please write a letter to the editor of Scientific American here: and complain about this attempt to hide the truth about race and intelligence.  Tell them you are going to call their advertisers and that you are going to encourage everyone you know to do the same.  Then do it.

Thanks Mindweapons in Ragnarok and WN Think Tank for staying on top of this very important issue.


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