Abolish Slavery Now!


Once upon a time, a White man (or woman) didn’t need ONE JOB. He or she did multiple jobs around their home, which was also their business as it provided for all of the family’s needs. A man’s jobs might include weeding, planting or harvesting the garden, milking cows and taking care of animals, sourcing firewood, splitting logs and bringing them inside for the wood stove, fishing, hunting, trapping and on and on. A woman’s jobs might include, childcare, housecleaning, feeding chickens, cooking and so on. For the most part, the family did for themselves and it worked pretty well.

Now everyone thinks they have to have ONE JOB and their whole life is subordinated to ONE JOB and the homestead lies fallow, literally and spiritually. Children’s spiritual and intellectual education is relegated to other ONE JOB people (aka JOBBERS) who not only don’t care about the children but are forced to indoctrinate them if they want to keep their almighty ONE JOB, while the labor (blood, sweat and tears) of the man and woman, rather than enriching THEIR home/business is making (either directly or indirectly) some Jews or Jew-thinkers rich.  (You’d be surprised how much time many wealthy Jews/Jew thinkers spend with their families while WE perform their labor-I have seen it myself)

If we want to get our lives back from the current ruling class, we must step out of their frame and work for ourselves and our families again. ONE JOBBING IS A TRAP.  Does working for yourself seem impossible to you in your current situation? In my next post I will share some ideas for breaking out of ONE JOB slavery. In the meantime, please watch this video explaining what I mean by frame. Jews and Jew-thinkers control the frame now. We must strengthen ourselves so we control the frame again, as in days of yore. 


THIS WOMAN IS IN JEWFRAME.  Not having ONE JOB doesn’t necessarily mean you will starve.  With proper planning you can survive and thrive.  Eventually.  Stay tuned.

Did you watch the video yet?


2 thoughts on “Abolish Slavery Now!

  1. Ryu

    I watched your video. Not bad. The PUAs talk about frame control alot. You’ve given me something to think about. I’ll have to find areas where I can actually make some money PT.

    1. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom Post author

      You and Firepower inspired this post and I am aware that PUAs talk about frame and it’s a very good tool, I think. Working for ourselves is not super easy but I think ultimately it gives us more control of our time, energy, minds and finances.


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