YOU Inc. or Get out there!

ImageI know a few people who are paralyzed with fear about the future.  I used to be the same way.  

Some of us have watched our careers drift away.  I was in a field that got very regulated where it seemed like it wouldn’t be profitable to work in it anymore.  The funny thing is, I have a couple of friends who have staying in the field who are doing just fine!  So some of the problem was in my OWN MIND!

Some of us have gotten downsized or haven’t gotten salary increases that even got close to keeping up with inflation.  Some of us have (and we can’t always prove it)been let go because of anti-White sentiment or because we weren’t sleeping with the boss.

The list of job losses and job failures goes on and on in the Dystopia.  

What we need is a new mindset.  We must begin to think of ourselves as our OWN employers.  I started doing this around 7 years ago when a company I was doing sales for decided (after their sales team had helped them make million$) that they would change the sales commission structure.  I was looking at making a third less money than I had been making!  This was a company I had LOVED working for.  They offered a product that delivered and they provided excellent customer support.  I hoped that this was the last job I would ever have.  I wanted to retire from this company.  That all changed when they effectively cut my salary.  I decided then and there that the only company I worked for was Maureen Martin Inc.  

I could still work for other people but my mindset was different.  I no longer gave them my ALL.  I no longer felt any loyalty to some corportation or person that hired me.  I was simply giving them a service and they were paying me.  When that arrangement was no longer profitable for me, financially or emotionally, I quit.  So far, I’ve always given notice but if I’m ever in an abusive situation I won’t give notice.  I will just walk out.  Do corporations give YOU notice when they lay you off?  You are your own corporation now.

I know not everyone has the ability to do some of the things I have done.  If you have a family, particularly with young children at home, you can’t just quit jobs you don’t like.  I get that.  Still, you must think of yourself as your own boss.  It’s important that you develop a plan B (and maybe C) so that if you lose your job or get your hours cut, you have another way to make money.  

Develop this mindset in your children too.  I know a young married woman who breeds dogs to make money.  There’s a lot of money in it if you do it right and it can be very rewarding.  I’m sure it’s much more fun than sitting in a cube with Mr. or Ms. Bossy Boss looking over your shoulder all day.  

I even heard of a woman who was getting FREE dogs off Craigslist and reselling them.  I have never tried this myself but it’s an interesting concept.  You would have to be very, very careful that you COULD in fact resell the dog before you too him or her home.  

The internet is full of ideas you could try or that might give you an idea or two of your own.  The important thing is try and keep trying.  And treat it like a business.  I wish I had done more with me ebay re-selling but I treated it more like a hobby than a business.  

The thing is, if you try, even if your idea doesn’t work out, it gets your mind going in the right direction.     

For instance, I am dogsitting right now.  It’s one of the things I do for money.  It just so happens that the dogs owner has suddenly decided she is moving to another state and want so give away all her furniture and TVs!  She is getting divorced and wants to start over.  I told her rather than give it away, I would sell it for her.  She has at least a couple thousand dollars worth of furniture here.  She offered to pay me half of whatever I sold.  I will go the extra mile and get rid of the items that won’t sell too.  I’ll list them for free on Craigslist and then people will come get them.  Maybe I’ll have a yardsale for her too.  She’s out of town for 10 more days.  I can make what I want of this.  If I’m not too tired, I’ll offer to do the final cleanup of her apartment for money (if she’s planning to pay someone, it might as well be me).  You see how this works?  If you are out there doing things, more opportunities will present themselves.  

Don’t let the Dystopia grind you into the dirt.  Make use of it.  

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5 thoughts on “YOU Inc. or Get out there!

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  2. Ryu

    excellent post. How to become a greedy pig. I’m not knocking it – that’s what one must do in order to survive today. Employers have no loyalty.

    Sorry your dream job didnt’ go well. 1/3 is a big cut to take. No doubt the newcomers aren’t aware of the way things were. I can’t think of a single area where things are getting better – no medicine, not law, not STEM. I too with work for RYU Inc.

  3. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom

    I wanted to add, the days of working for 40 years for a company and having them think of you as family and giving you a nice pension when you retire are almost over. They haven’t even been on the radar for most of the under 50 crowd, I would say.

    Funny thing is corporations want their peon workers to still give them the kind of loyalty that the old companies had. What this breeds is workers that LOOK loyal but are robbing the company blind or giving away company secrets to the competition, etc. These companies will regret being so cold.

  4. aryangoddess

    I cannot tell you how many sleepless night I’ve had over jackass bosses or fellow backstabbing employees. I refuse to do it anymore. I told myself if it meant I had to live in my truck and eat out of the dumpster, I would. I refuse to lose my dignity ever again. Because I believe in the law of abundance, not scarcity, life is good.


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