How I got rich selling stuff on Ebay-okay, not really

I never got serious about selling things on Ebay but I did sell a few things.

A little jewely dish I bought for 50 cents sold for $35

A bible with Salvador Dali artwork in it I bought for $1. sold for over $100.

A bunch of book lots.

For instance, I picked up a bunch Baby Sitter’s Club books at a yardsald for maybe $5 for the lot, then sold them for at least ten time that on ebay (can’t remember exactly, it’s been awhile).  It seems that this series isn’t quite as popular as it used to be but here’s a recent sale similar to what I did.

You can choose 5 or six lots that are SELLING (make sure to do your research!) and then look for books from that lot at yardsales, on Craigslist and at used bookstores.  The library bookstores are the cheapest.  Figure out in advance the most you can pay for each individual book and still be profitable.  Collect these books until you have a good sized lot, then offer them for sale on ebay.  Or you may get lucky from time to time and find a large bunch of them at a yardsale.

Other things I’ve sold, replacement coffee pots, replacement microwave plates, replacement china (like teacups).  People will pay relatively high prices to replace a piece of china they can’t get anywhere.

Just REMEMBER, do your research.  Look at COMPLETED sales on ebay.  Just because someone offers an item for sale for $50 doesn’t mean someone is going to buy it for that much, or at all.  You don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of things you can’t sell.

Also, do NOT buy packing material.  People are always giving away boxes when they move and newspaper usually works just fine for packing things.  DO pack things very well so they don’t get damaged but don’t spend money on it.  It cuts into your profit!

I almost forgot.  My daughter was working at a major bookstore that went out of business and they let go of a lot of good items at rock bottom prices, just to get rid of them.  We did our research and bought up all the items we saw selling on ebay.  I can’t remember all the details but we did pretty well with it.  Always look for opportunities.

I’ll say it again, always look for opportunities.  They are out there.  Here’s an example of an opportunity that just came up for me.  

Edit:  Once you get good at listing things on ebay, you might be able to get people to pay you to list THEIR things on ebay!


8 thoughts on “How I got rich selling stuff on Ebay-okay, not really

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  2. Cyprian Korzeniowski

    Great advice. You should never ever buy packing materials.

    I’ve made around $3k selling off old video game junk I had lying around. It’s amazing that stuff you might throw away just to get rid of, is actually stuff people will buy for a lot of money. Even if you aren’t going to scrounge around Craigslist and yard sales, it’s possible you have valuable things collecting dust in the basement.

  3. conchobar14

    this is good information thanks, i couldn’t one possibly sell potatoes over ebay? or somekind of non-perishable food, that’d be interesting to find out

    1. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom Post author

      For sure. Otherwise you’ll get stuck with things you can’t sell. I think it’s best to pick one or two things that you know something about. Also keep in mind that whatever you sell will have to be shipped-by you. That’s what I liked about books…they are pretty easy to ship.


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