Farage Compromise


I really want to like Nigel Farage.  He is leading the UKIP party to success as they took around 25% of the votes in last Friday’s local election in England.  UKIP wants to curb immigration and leave the European Union.  Sounds good.  However, I doubt he is an England firster.  He seems overly concerned with “anti-semitism” ie.  any crticism of the so-called state of Israel.  He says, ” there’s almost a new trendy form of antisemitism creeping” into the European Institutions.

Creeping in?  Like Golden Dawn in Greece?  Like Generation Identity in France?  More like shoving its way in!

Trendy?   Neat!  I haven’t been trendy in a long time.  I’m SO looking forward to this!

Multi-culturalism is SO gay.  Anti-semitism is SO cool.

Oh yeah and Nigel, if you’d get your head out of your butt and read a book you would know that people questioning the poor behavior of Jews isn’t a trend.  It’s been going on for a very long time.

But you know that, don’t you NIGEL?

Anti-semitism is a codeword for handover your wallet Whitey and stfu!

ImageTranslation:  Jews are not welcome in Behringersdorff





Seen on a street in Canada


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