White Student Union at Towson Kicks Commie Butt!


8 members of Towson’s White Student Union face HUNDREDS of commie race traitors and other White Genociders at Layfayette Park in Washington DC.

Of course the commies, having no intelligent argument to offer in defense of White Genocide, resorted to shouting and even threw at least one bag of urine at the Pro-White group.

Here’s the Council of Conservative Citizens’ report with videos.  

Edit:  Lafayette Park is a gorgeous place, with a view of the White House.  In 1963 the Martin Luther King gang gathered in the northeast corner of the park before starting the so-called March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  Now that we have granted them jobs and freedom, they want our genocide as evidenced in the following video. Thanks Niggers!  

Ya know, I was raised not to use the N word but since I’ve learned how much Blacks hate us, I have started saying it.  In fact, I was an anti-racial person myself until your hate woke me up!  Now I love my people and want them to survive.  SEE WHAT YOU DID DUMMIES!

von stu


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