What To Do About Immigrants Taking Our Jobs Away


Have you ever talked to the foreign-types who work in 7-11 or other gas/convenience stores?

I spoke to one of them yesterday.  It wasn’t the first time I’ve done so.  Do I LIKE seeing dark people working while so many White people are without jobs?  No I don’t.  I do like gathering information though and reporting back to my Mindweapon friends.

The man I spoke with claims he works 85 hours a week at 3 different jobs.  85 HOURS!  This is not the first time one of these South Asia types had told me they worked 3 jobs but I had never asked how many hours they worked before.

It may or may not make you happy to know that the man said he had to work this many hours because his wife had died and everything went bad.  I couldn’t understand everything he said but I believe this Bangladeshi said he had had a business that went under.   My guess is that he’s trying to hang on to a 5 bedroom house in an upscale neighborhood.  He told me he lived around the corne and it’s a very nice area.

This is unfortunate.  The brightest and hardest working folks from overseas come here and waste their enegies trying to achieve the American Dream.  Meanwhile, the public so-called education system is dumbing down and corrupting their children, as they have OUR children for the last few decades.  In the long run, they would have been better off with a simple life in their countries of origin.

More importantly, 3 White people don’t get to work.  Perhaps teens would like to work their way through college instead of taking out massive loans.  You rarely seen White teens working at these jobs and I can’t believe its because they ALL aren’t hard workers.

My two White daughers were loved by their minimum wage job slaveholders.  One of them (a Korean who owned a sandwich shop) hired my younger daughter based on his experience having employed my older daughter a couple of years before.  My daughters worked very hard, were polite and put up with a bit of abuse from this guy and his family.(Nothing very serious or I would have put a stop to it).  They were an asset.

I’m sure my daughters aren’t the only White young people in the country who are good workers.  Why don’t we see more White kids and young adults employed at these jobs?

I  recommend White people, young and old start getting a different mentallity about earning a living.  Look for under-the-radar jobs.  Think outside the box.

I’m not claiming that any of the following jobs will make anyone rich because they probably won’t.  Here’s a list of a few things that almost anyone can do that are unregulated, where he or she can make his/her own schedule and not work with abusive people. (You fire abusive people).  BTW,  I have had some success with some of these things.

Sell Book LOTS on ebay. (Collect popular book series and when you get the set, sell it-research first to make sure there’s a demand)


Petcare-can include dog walking, petsitting, pet training, grooming etc.

Buy or find things cheap and flip for a profit (especially appliances like driers)  I once saw a screen door near a dumpster, grabbed it and sold it for $20 that night.  That’s not big money but it gives you and idea what’s possible.  So easy!

If you have a decent car run an informal taxi service and/or errand service for elderly people.

Easy repairs.  In many states, as long as the repair is under a certain dollar amount, you don’t need to be licensed.

Help older people learn the basics of using their computer.  If you are a normal young person, your computer knowlege far surpasses that of an older person who has never used a computer.  They will think you’re a genius!  You will make money!

The list goes on and on but you get the idea.  There are lots of ideas on the internet too.  Here’s a great one for a brave man!  Be a climber!

Finally, be flexible and don’t give up too quickly.  I quit my “real job” about 8 months ago and it has taken me quite some time to get my business to make decent money but it’s been very worth it.  Be patient with yourself and keep a positive attitude and eventually that White mind of yours will find success.

Do it!

Edit:  I’ve added a post on my experience with ebay sales.Image


14 thoughts on “What To Do About Immigrants Taking Our Jobs Away

  1. rollingwriter

    You can sell ANYTHING on EBAY. I knew a girl who cleaned out houses after old folks had died and sold all the stuff on EBAY.
    Beats punchin’ a time clock!

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  3. robroysimmons

    The smarter Chinese restaraunt owners hire nice white girls to run their front counter, good business sense. Lets be honest in retail you can never have enough competant white girls, whole business models are based upon nice, smart and attractive white females.


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