I am getting more optimistic everyday about our progress in fighting White Genocide.  You may have read about my client’s mudshark friend who actually used the term Pro-White to describe people who think like us. (Rather than calling us racists or supremacists as her Jewish overlords would prefer).

Then a couple of days ago, I read this on Stormfront:

I almost passed out like a little girl when a close relative used the term genocide in reference to White people. If you knew this person, you would think this is amazing, and a little funny. We’re talking little old lady here.

Now where the do you think she heard that from??? I didn’t bring it up in the conversation. She watches mainstream television. She uses the internet for playing games, and not much else. But she heard that somewhere! There is no way in hell she came up with it on her own. She is apolitical for the most part.

I think this is becoming increasingly common. And I think critical mass is really not as far off as people think. 

We are winning my friends.  WINNING.


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