No Excuse! Water Filtration IS Affordable

The time is NOW to get some kind of water filtration system.

You can only live for a couple of days without water so in my opinion, if you only want to invest in one zombie apocalypse (smile) survival item, a non-electric water filtration system is the product for you .

Walmart sells Sawyer Water Systems.  I know you don’t like Walmart, but hold your nose, run in and buy one or two of these!

This one is for “on the go” or bugout situations.  44 Bucks!!!!

This one is for home use.  99 Bucks!!!!

One of the best things about the Sawyers is the filters can be hand cleaned.  You never have to buy more filters.  Awesome huh?

So go get one!

PS.  This is not paid advertising.  I just want you to survive.  Shhhhh, don’t tell the others!


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