How to Stop Hiring Discrimination Against Whites

Anyone who is awake and lives in one of the border states-those that border Mexico, has lamented seeing SO many Mexican workers, illegal and legal.  We don’t need a tax-funded, million dollar study to see that American businesses are discriminating against Whites, especially White men when hiring.  It’s obvious.

The reasons for this are myriad.  Sometimes it’s because the government gives tax incentives to those that hire non-Whites.  Sometimes it is because, in a litigation saturated society like ours, every hiring situation carries the potential of the hiring company getting sued.  Sometimes it’s because companies want to be seen as fair and kindhearted.  Sometimes it is a combination of reasons.

Recently however, I was working with a certain company.  I have been forced to work with them for a few year as they somewhat dominate in their field.  I won’t even say what kind of a company it was because I don’t want to make this company a target.  This company had always used a lot of Mexican workers-in fact, every time a worker was sent out, they were from south of the border and not White.  I hadn’t had a problem with any of them.  I just wished more of OUR men held those jobs.

In the last few months though I noticed a big change in the demographics of the workers they were sending out.  They were all White.  I’ve been thrilled.  Like I said, I had never had a problem with the Mexican or South American men but it was so nice to see White men working at this again.  And I confess, it’s always more comfortable talking with someone who shares some of your values, speaks your language fluenty and so on.

I finally got the nerve up to ask one of the men yesterday why I am seeing so many White guys working at this all of a sudden.  He simply said, “they are doing background checks now.”

Get the picture?

Perhaps we should start asking, at every establishment we patronize, “Do you do background checks on all your employees?”  and “Do you have any felons working here?”Image


3 thoughts on “How to Stop Hiring Discrimination Against Whites

  1. mindweapon

    Pressuring/inquiring businesses as to whether they do background checks, especially ones that hire lots of browns, is a great idea! Imagine if all undercover rabbits ask any business, “do you do background checks/e-verify? No? OK,taking my business elsewhere.”

    Ultimately the customers can pressure Business. and it’s smart to do it a sneaky way like this.


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