Anti-White Meme Goes Viral


Let’s just say I have this friend.  My friend has a client.  The client is a lovely White, professional woman of child-bearing age.  There’s only one problem.  The client is a race-mixer.

She married a negro.  While she worked and went to school, he was the “househusband”.  He became a raging alcoholic.  He shoplifted even though they had money to buy the items he stole.  He PUNCHED the dog repeatedly when he has detoxing from alcohol.  When he wanted to punish himself for drinking again, he shaved half his head.

Okay so even after kicking him out of her life, she is not racially aware.  My friend has brought up a couple of topics in the hope that she can wake this chick up.  (I know, you guys don’t want her back, but my friend is thinking about White children)

Now, this is the good part and what I hope you all will take away from this article.   What is really interesting is that this chick used the term Pro-White to describe people like us when talking to my friend.

When even a mudshark is using the correct term for our philosophy, you know the memes are getting out there.

Congrats to the BUGSTERS, Bob Whitaker and Horus the Avenger for making “pro-White” and “White Genocide” household words.


19 thoughts on “Anti-White Meme Goes Viral

  1. mindweapon

    Fascinating, Maureen. The teeth on the left should say, “Anti-White teeth”

    We should also show mudsharks — how their faces are greasy and their hair is pulled back or put in dreadlocks or cornrows because they are miserable slaves to their newly adopted race.

  2. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom

    YES! Repeating the same (seemingly tired) phrases over and over again actually WORKS! Yipee!!!

    As far as my friend’s client goes, she looks decent still, although she has a lot of health problems and she is balding. It may be unrelated but I have never known a woman in her 30s to be balding before.

  3. rollingwriter

    I used to see this kind of stuff all the time when I was in Oakland, the wages of mudsharkery! Many promising, young White lives shattered forever.
    Another hidden price is also what it does to the girls’ friends and families since negroes are so intrusive and pushy.

  4. Meotzpqwer

    How white women can deal with the annoying behaviour (loud, illiterate, childish, animal) of non-white men (Arabs, Indians, Pakis, Africans, Asians, etc) is beyond me.

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  7. Truthful

    You bigots make me sick to my stomach.
    Out of all the people I’ve ever met, who are stupid, ignorant, violent, hate-filled criminals…truth be told, nearly all of them were white.
    But nay…hypocrisy, gullibility and a misunderstanding of your own religion shall be your guide.
    So anything that defies your limited world-view is evil…yet it is you who are evil. And if you had the mental faculties to understand your own religion, you would be forced to accept that. But sadly, you can’t. through virtue of the fact that you are posting this utter trash, day-by-day, simply serves to illuminate this fact.
    Reply all you want, I don’t give a damn, I will never visit this cesspool of an internet site again.

    The day you ignorant morons all die off is the day the rest we can finally move forward as human beings.

    Please, burn in hell soon, you racist pigs.

    1. Softer Side of the Movement

      Says the guys calling for us all to die do you see how utterly stupid you sound calling us bigots and hate filled while you wish death on all of us. Your point was so well made as to why we have such problems. Thank you again for reminding us all while our race is in danger.

  8. king79

    one bad apple dont ruin the whole batch….. so you’re trying to tell mewhite guys don’t beat their women?f*** out of here…. Domestic violence started in the white community….white savages would beat their women then go fuck each other!smh

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Umm king79? It’s very well documented that blacks are very abusive to their women. Geez, look at the rape situation in Afreaka. Tells me everything I need to know.

      White men create civilized countries. That’s why everyone want to live in them. Duh.


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