Prison Gangs

spiderweb tattoo

I have wanted to learn about “White Supremacist” prison gangs for quite some time.  The reason for this is our clever enemies have, to some extent made them the face of our movement although this has lessened over the years.  I have never known anyone intimately who has done prison time so prison’s culture is very foreign to me.

In an interesting case of hive mind, right around the time the following thoughtful article came out I was trying to get an interview with a member of a gang I had read about in a news article.  I will report more on that shortly.  I found the following article very interesting in light of what I discovered.

What Are These “White Supremacist Gangs” Of Which The MSM Screeches?

By Anonymous Attorney on April 5, 2013 at 7:15pm

It’s doubtful the MSM has any standard for what constitutes a “white supremacist”—being part of anything exclusively white, combined with Nazi tattoos, probably does the trick. Actual political or scientific beliefs—if there are any at all—probably don’t count.

The lowlifes currently accused of killing Colorado officials—known as the “211 Crew”—probably qualify.

But the defense attorney in me can’t help but wonder: why aren’t exclusively black or Hispanic gangs ever referred to as “supremacist”?   More here –

Going back to my attempted interview, I must start by saying I didn’t get very far with it.  My subject, who was a friend of someone I know, was extremely skittish.  I suppose all gang members are.  I tried to alleviate his fears, promising him anonymity and telling him I just want the public to have an objective view of groups like his.  This didn’t seem to help much and he told me that if his woman friend hadn’t been present he could have given me an interview but he felt she would try to censure him.

He did leave me with this though.  He said he didn’t really care much about bigger issues.  All he really cared about was his crew, specifically the guys he grew up with.

So it seems that crews form in neighborhoods.  The department of justice says that youth form gangs “for protection, enjoyment, respect, money, or because a friend is in a gang.”  The gangs appear to be formed by people of the same race.  There is no evidence though that the members share some overarching philosophy.

As “luck” would have it, just when I despaired of getting a real interview with a prison gang member, I actually ran into another guy who had been in a prison gang.  This time I didn’t take out my notebook and start asking questions.  He liked to talk and I just let him do that.

He and his friend who was there jokingly called their prison time “their time in Iraq”.  Much of their speech seemed to be in code.  They talked about their tattoos and their importance.  I had been wondering for a while about the spider web tattoo I had seen on men’s elbows around town.    It turns out that this tattoo symbolizes prison time although some phonies have their elbows tattooed, without having served time.  My new friends had nothing but contempt for men who would do this.

I found that these particular men had an interest in White Nationalism’s bigger picture but had not read the same books and blogs many of us had read and didn’t know the “leaders” of the movement.  They certainly didn’t discuss plans for taking over the world or such nonsense, as the mainstream media would have us believe they would.  They were both religious men and their religion is Asatru.  They were going to perform a ritual the night I met them but were in some disagreement over whether it would be alright for me to observe them doing so.  (In the end, I did not observe)

My general impression is that these guys (and their girlfriends) just like to be around good folk, barbequing and doing normal things.  I was glad to be considered “good folk” and hope to spend time with them again soon.


2 thoughts on “Prison Gangs

  1. rollingwriter

    One hears a lot about how these gangs are more about money and dealing drugs on the inside than anything else but who really cares?
    If I ever got locked up I’d hook up with them in a second otherwise I’d be a target for every filthy AIDS negro in the prison.
    Especially in situations like that it is imperative for Whites to stick together.
    Everything the media says about the movement is nothing but distortion and lies anyhow. I’m kind of like you in that he more the media maligns anything the more curious I get about it too.


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