White Parents Want Segregation After Black Cheating Scandal!

Many of you heard about the disgusting but not totally unexpected cheating scandal by a group of  Black “educators” in Atlanta, Georgia.  Here’s a brief update from a mainstream source (then I will get to the point):

On March 29, a Fulton County grand jury indicted 35 Atlanta educators, including former superintendent Beverly Hall, in what prosecutors call a huge cheating conspiracy stretching to 58 schools. The administrators, principals, teachers and even a school secretary face charges of racketeering, conspiracy and making false statements. Hall, who retired days before the 2011 release of a state cheating probe, also faces theft charges, because her salary rose with rising student test scores on standardized tests.

You can read here for more details but the little gem hidden in the article is this:

The DeKalb incident has led some parents in predominantly white areas of the county to explore creating separate school systems.

DeKalb County like many other areas of the United States mightily resisted desegregation. Once it was forced on them in 1969 a strange thing happened.

What had been mostly white schools evolved into predominately all black schools. In a ten-year span, the enrollment in DeKalb County schools decreased sixteen percent. While the overall enrollment was decreasing, the black enrollment increased 119%.

DeKalb County was experiencing a massive demographic shift. Whites began to move out of areas that were experiencing racial integration. There was a rush to sell their property before the districts would be labeled as “black neighborhoods.” The huge number of whites selling their properties caused real-estate values to plummet. Many decided to move out of the county to the predominately white suburbs, while others took sanctuary on the equally white north side of DeKalb County. During this transition, approximately 47,000 blacks moved from the inner city of Atlanta to the southern side of DeKalb County. The formulas and school districts that had been created prior to the demographic shift were no longer producing an equally balanced school system. With a physically divided county, the schools within the county took similar shape.

Whites, losing the battles with the courts over desegregation, decided to retreat and relocate to areas that were predominately white. This remained the last option for retaining physical separation between whites and blacks. It appeared that the courts could order changes to the structure of the bi-racial society, but they could not change the sentiment of the whites not wanting to integrate with the blacks. Read more here.

Even so, the desegregationists felt that they had achieved the implementation of policies which provided equally qualified teachers and principals, and equal (in relation to predominantly white school districts) resource allocation.

So this cheating by Black educators begs the question, why? Isn’t it time we faced the reality that in general Blacks cannot learn and achieve at the levels of Whites? Wouldn’t it be better for both groups if we stopped living in the fantasy that we are all the same? If Whites didn’t have to spend millions and millions of dollars trying to bring (often reluctant) Black children to the academic level of White children, White children would be free to pursue their destinies. What destinies you may ask? We only have to look at history to get an idea. Destinies that produce technologies that improve the lives of everyone.

Even the poorest Blacks in the United States generally have a far superior life than they would have had in Africa had the White man never set foot there. Aside from mistakes made by Whites along the way (as well as those of some very greedy Jews) the world is a better place for White innovation. If we are set free to achieve our destiny we will continue to make the world a better place, even finding solutions to mistakes from the past. In order to do this, we must be set free from policies like de-segregation and wealth redistribution.

Is it any wonder that in 2013 parents of White students want to separate their children from low achieving Black children?  It’s simply the right thing to do.




7 thoughts on “White Parents Want Segregation After Black Cheating Scandal!

  1. mindweapon

    I got a friend in Atlanta and he is daily assaulted by massive amounts of in your face miscegenation. The whites down there live as a defeated people, for the most part. God bless those who do everything they can to segregate, separate, and teach their children that the White race must continue through the generations.


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