Successful Rally Held in Canada!

From Paul Fromm: (Copied from an email Mr. Fromm sent out)

LONDON. Today’s White Pride march “was a major success,” proclaimed Max Hynes the organizer. The march brought together members of many Southern Ontario groups from Windsor, Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines and London to celebrate White Pride.
The 50 participants emphasized a positive pride in European culture. “When I say ‘White’, you say ‘Pride’; White Pride Worldwide,” the marchers chanted and their strong voices echoed off the office buildings of downtown London as they made their way to City Hall.
Flying the old Red Ensign, the flag of the real Canada, the marchers braved snow flurries that earlier threatened the march and strong bracing winds that snapped at their flags.

“Other groups are proud of their heritage. So are we,” said organizer Max Hynes. “Europe has a glorious heritage and we are proud,” he added.
Groups like the Church of the Creator participated.
The White Pride march was endorsed by the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee (CFIRC). CFIRC Director Paul Fromm explained: “The immigration policies of  Canada and the United States mean the ethnic cleansing and replacement by Third Worlders of the European founding/settler people of this continent. We rightly want to save the whales and the Whooping Crane. Aren’t Europeans at least as valuable as a Whooping Crane? Present government policy will see Europeans become a minority in Canada by 2050. We are proud of our heritage and we shall prevail. We see our government letting greedy businesses  keep Canadians unemployed and replace Canadians  with temporary foreign workers and immigrants,” he added.
There was no organized opposition. Several apparent communists seemed to want to  shout, but the sound died in their throats as  they thought better of it and slunk around a corner. From the safety of the other side of very wide Wellington Street, with heavy traffic, a desiccated character staggered and shrilled: “Fuck you. You deserve to die.” No much for reasoned debate about the future makeup of Canada.
Many motorists honked appreciatively and some pedestrians smiled and gave the marchers the thumbs up.

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