Public Transportation and White Women

There’s something about riding on public transportation that brings out the tiger in White Women.

I had the “opportunity” to ride the bus yesterday in Southern California and other than me, I don’t think there were any normal Whites on the bus.  All I saw was a handful of retarded White adults and tons of non-Whites.  Depressing.


The woman pictured here saw a Black thug shoving some passengers on a train in Melbourne, Australia ( Where Nguyen is the second most common surname in the phone book!!!)   She was outraged and proceeded to make her feelings known.

Unfortunately, the train was full of non-Whites and race traitors so she got no support.  She even got scolded and shamed for her feelings!

Bravo to this nameless woman and may she remain nameless so no one will bother her further.  God please protect her!

The video.


6 thoughts on “Public Transportation and White Women

  1. rollingwriter

    It’s disgusting but Whites never stick up for or support each other in public anymore. Whenever there is an altercation between a White and a non-White they either ignore it or laugh at the White.
    This really makes me angry.

  2. mindweapon

    good for her! I would have stuck up for her. I have a story — I was in Boston meeting some of the people from VDARE. We met in the bar of a nice restaurant in downtown Boston. After it was over, I was going back to my car to drive home, it was about midnight, and I saw 2 black security guards screaming their heads off at some short stocky white guy in a navy uniform and a lanyard with a navy id. The navy guy was giving the security guards a hard time because he saw them smoking marijuana (while working as security guards for some hotel), and the blacks were yelling at him that he was a disgrace to his navy uniform and getting in his face (2 at once). So I walked over and caught the attention of the White navy guy and said, “I got yer back.” that’s all I said. the blacks kept yelling at him, but as they were yelling, they were walking back, walking back, walking back, and the navy guy thanked me and moved on.

    1. BIGDOUG

      i hope i have the chance to stick up for someone like that. niggers are all talk. the dont expect you to stand up to them let alone join forces with other whites. ive been in a few fights, but it usually doesnt come to that as i am pretty tall (6’4)

      1. mindweapon


        do martial arts conditioning and boxing and MMA bro. that’s friggin awesome that you got that size advantage. Maximize it by becoming a super conditioned MMA hobby fighter.

    2. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom

      That’s a great story MW. Our people need to get back to basics by remembering (among other things) that the best way to get rid of a bully is to stand up to them. If you think you’re going to inspire pity in them by lowering your eyes and keeping quiet, you are quite wrong. These are signs of weakness and will encourage them to attack!


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