Film About White Only Town of Orania


There’s a new film in town showing at the One World International Human Rights Festival.  It won Achtung Berlin, New Berlin Film Award there.  At first I was kind of excited about the film.  From this interview, it sounded as though the subject of the small Town of Orania may have been treated fairly.  And perhaps it was-I haven’t seen the 94 minute film yet, only a 1.06 minute preview.

The preview looked innocuous enough but the Facebook page for the film says about it:

ORANIA – A feature-length documentary about cultural identity and the thin line between self-determination and discrimination.(bold is mine)
Plot Outline
Orania is situated in South Africa‘s barren Northern Cape province. All of the 800 inhabitants are white Afrikaans people, also referred to as Boers. They live here on private property which was bought in 1991. People of other cultural or ethnical descent may not live or work here. The people of Orania refuse to be part of the “Rainbow Nation” that South Africa is becoming since the end of Aparth…eid. Crime, unemployment and social pressure make the inhabitants feel vulnerable in the rest of the country. So they stay by themselves, creating a “cultural homeland” to preserve their heritage. Some live here for this ideal, then some for opportunity and security and others out of pure desperation. Thus, Orania is a culturally homogeneous place in a historically multicultural country. By carefully observing its protagonists, the film explores the mechanisms behind this societal experiment.

First, my understanding is that the terms Boer and Africaan are not synonymous.

Second,  putting the term “cultural homeland” into quotations (also called quote unquote) is obviously meant to disparage the term because it is being used to describe on enclave of White people.

Third, the One World Film Festival is no friend of White Determination.  It’s theme is the ridiculous, “Don’t be afraid of Eggality”, with of course, eggality being a play on the word equality.  Ugh.  Really cheesy stuff.  The overridding concern of this year’s festival is the “dangerous” (note my use of quote unquote) “growing” tendancy of the Czechs in Czech Rebublic to try to protect themselves from outsiders.  Hey dumbasses.  It’s called the Czech Republic for a reason.  It’s FOR CZECHS!


Still I want to learn more about this film and see if for myself.  Orania is an absolutely fabulous place and I will be blogging more about the industrious Oranians very soon!

Sorry about the spacing of this article folks…I’m having technical difficulties but I wanted to get this out this morning!


4 thoughts on “Film About White Only Town of Orania

  1. rollingwriter

    Any and every movie about anything to do with race that’s come out since 1945 is bound to spike my blood pressure so I’ve given up and just avoid the entire topic like the plague.


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