Greek Villagers Ask For Golden Dawn’s Protection from “Gypsies”

goldendawners      rally

Local police in  Trapezonti Laconia (near Sparta) are unwilling or unable to defend its citizens from “Gypsy” violence, sex attacks and theft.  Women, the elderly and children are afraid to leave home!  This has left the villagers no choice but to seek out protection from the People’s Protectors, Golden Dawn. A public meeting of villagers with Golden Dawn which can be viewed  here started with local towns folk speaking about various crimes, ranging from petty to vicious that they  have suffered.  In addition, it seems the “Gypsies” refuse to follow even the  most basic sanitation standards.

After the speeches, citizens of all ages participated in a demonstration to let the police and the “Gypsies” know that they will defend themselves against predators.

The community and Golden Dawn, Sparta are organizing a plan for safety patrols. (I’m starting to see a theme here with safety patrols).

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4 thoughts on “Greek Villagers Ask For Golden Dawn’s Protection from “Gypsies”

  1. abbeylane5

    So sad that we’re reading about Greece here, which is not too far from England And WHEN does our prime minister think he will have a chance to speak up and let the EU know we don’t want any more immigrants


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