White Student Union Patrol Goals

matt and theresa

As most of you know, the White Student Union of Towson University will soon begin to patrol the campus as a way to make it safer.  Far from being a vigilante group, the patrollers won’t play police and they will help students of any race.  Here are the stated goals of the patrol.

1. Identify:

Our first goal is to identify potential crimes being committed and to get a proper description of the alleged offender.

2.: Notify:

Once a crime has been identified our responsibility is to call the local authorities to
report the crime. We are not police officers and our role is to leave arrest and
forceful action to those who have been properly trained.

3. Help:

Once the authorities have been notified our mission is to help the victim of the
crime. All patrol members have received at least basic First Aid and CPR
training and several of our patrol members are veterans of the United States
military and have more advanced medical training. We will do our best to comfort
and provide basic first aid to crime victims until our heroic Baltimore county
first responders arrive.

Check back here to stay up to date on what these young students are doing.


3 thoughts on “White Student Union Patrol Goals

  1. mindweapon

    Good for them. They won’t be anything like George Zimmerman. No guns ,and they might get martyred or injured, but they assume that risk. Good for them. I hope they have the cell phone cameras on so at least any TNB is saved for posterity and the archive of the future National Socialist Republic.


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