Black Republican Pet Ben Carson is a Typical Negro

ben carson

I came across this information quite by accident.  It seems Ben Carson who is credited with performing the first successful surgery separating twins conjoined at the back of the head is a typical negro.  (Incidentally, two of the four twins he separated are dead and at least one set had to be institutionalized.  I find the scant amount of information regarding the surviving twins available on the internet highly suspicious).

Turns out, Ben Carson, Republican pet who wowed everyone at CPAC and who I based an blog post on the other day, not only tried to stab another student when he was a child but he attacked his own mother with a hammer!  I’m shocked I tell ya, SHOCKED!

Were there really any twins separated by Carson?  Are ANY of them still alive?  Does this Negro really deserve to be venerated?

This appears to be the best the Black community has to offer and the Republitards eat up the story of the poverty-stricken negro who “made something of himself”.


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One thought on “Black Republican Pet Ben Carson is a Typical Negro

  1. rollingwriter

    The right has been sliding over to the left since the 1920’s.
    The Republican party has become a sick joke especially since the neocons took it over.
    I’m especially disgusted with how they have eagerly jumped on the bandwagon by appointing all these negro mascots.
    It’s nauseating.


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