But wait! I thought only White people could be “racist”!


Blacks and Latinos (ummm, Mexicans) had a big gang fight last night at the LA county jail.  62 humans were involved and there were around 4 injuries.  The guards broke it up quick using teargas and rubber bullets.

Where is the ADL and the SPLC.  What are they going to do about all this HATE AND BIGOTRY????

I DEMAND Barbara Spectre go into that Jail and reason with those monolithic Mexicans and Blacks.  She and her Jews will be resented for their leading role in this change that MUST HAPPEN.  Where are you Barbara????  Barbara help us!!!


mainstream version


3 thoughts on “But wait! I thought only White people could be “racist”!

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  2. Ryu

    The MSM has been out to lunch the entire time on the negro/spic race war in California. It’s now occuring in Texas.

    It’s just like South Africa. Either they report their version or they report nothing. Total radio silence on South Africa and on the more grizzly crimes here in the US.


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