Brittain for the British! Hail UKIP!



Have you heard about UKIP? It’s the United Kingdom Independent Party. Here is the UKIP immigration policy from their website:

Thursday, 28th March 2013

As a member of the EU, Britain has lost control of her borders. Some 2.5 million immigrants have arrived since 1997 and up to one million economic migrants live here illegally. Former New Labour staff maintain that this policy has been a deliberate attempt to water down the British identity and buy votes. EU and human rights legislation means we cannot even expel foreign criminals if they come from another EU country. This is why immigration control is so essential and overdue. UKIP will:

· End mass, uncontrolled immigration. UKIP calls for an immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement. We aspire to ensure that any future immigration does not exceed 50,000 people p.a.

· Regain control of UK borders. This can only be done by leaving the European Union. Entry for work will be on a time-limited work permit only. Entry for non-work related purposes (e.g. holiday or study) will be on a temporary visa. Overstaying will be a criminal offence.

More here

UKIP is running 2000 candidates in local elections and is kicking off a new campaign today.  They have made great progress as a party already, hitting an average of 13 per cent in the polls and pushing the Tories into third place in the Eastleigh by-election.

Hail the UKIP!  Hip hip hooray!


5 thoughts on “Brittain for the British! Hail UKIP!

  1. owen

    ukip is good but it is overly supportive of the state of israel – it is very zionist sympathetic – but its better than nothing – uk needs to take back the country for the native british people.

  2. X

    UKIP is the best available option, but only in terms of how you would like to be exectued. They are not anti-multiculturalism, they are very much pro-Union (i.e. UK) rather than allowing four different peoples to decide their own destinies as much they can. Of course, they would not be allowed to exist if they spoke openly of anti-immigration, miscegenation, repatriation, anti-diversity, anti-multicultural/racialism or even the Jewish menace. Perhaps they provide a way for genuine nationalists to break through into the mainstream, but UKIP as it now stands will not raise a finger to hold back the tide of slurry sweeping in from the Third World.

    Britain for the British? Maybe, but only to the extent that it means England for the English, Scotland for the Scots, Wales for the Welsh and something approaching a civilised end to the centuries of adventure gone wrong in Ireland and peace for the Irish.


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