Kick Ass Grandpa

Thanks Youtube for the great blog material you provide for us!

I was first exposed to nunchucks when I was visiting with my cousins near Norfolk, Virginia.  My young (8th grade?) cousin was quite good with those things and when I asked him why he was into nunchucks as a hobby he said, “there are a lot of niggers around here”.  Being from a Whitewhitewhite area up north, I wasn’t used to this sort of talk but I figured he must know what he was talking about.

I noticed that when he said the dreaded N word in front of us northerners his father, my mother’s brother would scold his son.  Not for saying the word but for saying it in front of US.

It was interesting to me that the man in this video lives just a couple of hours away from where my cousin lived all those years ago.  I wonder if this man is racially aware and I wonder if my cousin (who I haven’t seen in years) is still smart about race.  I hope he hasn’t been brainwashed out of his God-given sensibility.  I hope he still trusts his experiences that caused him to learn to defend himself at age 13.

The African narrating this video is trying to make fun of this nunchuck expert but I bet he’d hate to meet him down a dark alley![youtube=]


2 thoughts on “Kick Ass Grandpa

  1. Ryu

    Yeah, its a fun weapon. It’s illegal in several states like NY, DC, and CA. It intimidates people, that’s the big use. The problem is that when you hit something, it tends to bounce back.


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