Greek Government Pushes for Powerful New Law!

Could it be the Greek political party Golden Dawn is having a positive effect on  Greek politics?
Greece is a country that does not automatically grant citizenship to those born in there.  The Greek government has been pushing for an immigration bill that forces the children of legal migrants to purchase their stay permits when they turn 18.
The fee is about 4.500 euros (over $18k) and will have to be paid shortly after the teenager turns 18.  The young adult can be deported if they don’t have the money or proof of employment by the then.

The new bill will forbid non-citizens from voting in local elections and a migrant will have to live in Greece for ten years (rather than the current seven) in order to become a Greek Citizen.

The Council of State has approved the new law and it will begin taking effect in a few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Greek Government Pushes for Powerful New Law!

  1. Ryu

    I’m wary. It’s a small concession designed to test if the people will be happy with a little piece of what they want. Like the liberals, they have to push, push, push until they get everything they want. No mercy, no quarter.


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