French People Want Tougher Anti-Veil Laws

burqa_1574251cAlthough I understand modesty, frankly, a human being covered from head to toe in black is just strange to look at.  Creepy even.

Modern White people are used to being able to see each other’s faces.  You can tell a lot about a person from their facial expression and their face in general.

Not to mention it’s dangerous to drive a vehicle with no peripheral vision.

That’s okay, I don’t want Muslims to assimilate.  Muslims, please just go back to the land of few cars and the lands where you have to be accompanied by a male at all times or risk getting raped.

I guess the Whites of Europe aren’t ready to expel the Muzzies yet but I’m glad to know that 3 countries:  France, Belgium and the Netherlands have anti-burqa (or anti-niqab) laws in place.  And 80% of French people want even stricter laws!

In a report published in  Le Parisien,  a French newpaper, more than 80% of respondents favor toughening the country’s 2004 law, which bans religious dress and insignia in schools, nurseries, and anywhere that involves the care and education of children. Another 83% is in favor of extending the ban to the private sector.

The reason these countries are giving for their anti-veil laws?  Secularism.  Ok then, we can call it that…but I know you really just don’t like having sinister looking Black Ghosts skulking around.  Creeeepyyyyy.


Check here and here for more info.


5 thoughts on “French People Want Tougher Anti-Veil Laws

  1. rollingwriter

    The problem is the police don’t enforce the laws already in place because they are afraid of stirring up trouble. Increasingly the muslims are running the show over there. Whites everywhere have become too passive.


    yeah. they havent gotten serious yet. the complaint that they arent assimilating implies that it would be better if they did. We DONT WANT THEM to assimilate. We want them expelled forever.

    europe and america are still coming to terms with the depth of their failure in the 20th century. they havent realized the bloody seriousness of the implications yet (war/mass deportations.) Soon…soon

  3. Jon

    If it goes through, as ugly as Muslim women are, I predict there will be a sizeable movement amongst the native French to allow it once again. The Muslims are doing them a favour by continuing the practise.

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