Charles Krafft – Undercover Lover Extraordinaire!

Mindweapons in Ragnarok covered this story over a month ago but I’d like to highlight it again and in more depth.

Artist Charles Krafft brought together the quaint and the (seemingly) terrible, producing art that was considered “ironic” by the art world.

mansonhitler teapotnick

Mr. Krafft’s webpage

The truly ironic thing is apparently Krafft wasn’t just your average artist trying to produce edgy, provocative art.  After spending many years as a painter he took a china painting class and was hooked.  He was simply working with ceramics and wanted to create something a bit interesting.  Of his pieces he said, “I wanted them to look like stuff your nan might have in her house, but when you got closer you would have to double take. I started with the plates but moved into guns and things later.” In true White artist style, Krafft portrayed what was on his mind, what he found fascinating.

While Krafft is certainly no “Nazi” (neither am I for that matter) he, like many of us didn’t understand the taboos surrounding questioning any of the so-called facts surrounding the holocaust.  He cleverly brought the topic to light in a non-threatening way.  Much of his art was even bought by Jewish art enthusiasts!

The impressive thing about Krafft is he does not appear to have hidden the fact that he had dissident thoughts and questions.  It was those around him in the art world who, when they learned what was on his mind, brushed his views under the carpet.  Let’s face it.  They didn’t mind making money from his art but they were not going to allow him to use it as a platform for his unorthodox perspectives.  Now though, the cat is out of the bag and the discussion has come about.

Charles Krafft was an unwitting undercover lover, aided and abetted by the very people who, under normal conditions would have censured him.  He was (presumably still is) concerned about racial differences in a multi-cultural society and he may have found a bit of grim humor in creating art that alluded to topics that were verboten in an amusing manner.  Best of all, he got away with it!

Hail Charles Krafft!

I want this plate!



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