Some Truth About Pro-White People


The Chatham House of London, a leading think-tank who  analyzes and promotes the understanding of major international  issues recently released finding from research performed on the English Defense League (EDL).

The think-tank found that common perceptions of groups like the EDL and their supporters do not accurately portray their them.  It turns out that EDL folks and those with similar beliefs are not young, uneducated, working class or unemployed, or even particularly racially aware as has been previously reported in the mainstream media.  Most of the EDL types were over 44 years of age, around 97% were employed and 9 out of 10 were educated in some way.

Most interestingly of all, most of the supporters actually distance themselves from overt racism.  They simply are responding to the prioritization of the needs of immigrants over those of native born Brits by the political leadership.

“The counter-jihad challenge is under-researched and poorly understood. These groups are different from the traditional far right in important ways”, said Dr Matthew Goodwin, author of the report.

I wonder if the EDL groups are much different from “far right” groups around the world.  I doubt any of the groups in question have been studied in a scientific manner before.  I’m glad Dr. Goodwin did the study though.  Maybe I will do one of my own.

The official report can be found here.

Yes, I know there are a couple of Jews in the EDL.  That’s not the point.







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