“Nazis” etc. Invited to Speak at Schools


Pretty ironic.  “A handful of teachers are allowing these groups into their classrooms in an  effort, they say, to expose students to their messages of hate.” 

Of course, if the news story I read is any indication, they tend to find the weirdest, most abrasive groups they can find to invite in.  As far as I know, April Gaede and Jared Taylor haven’t been invited to speak.

That’s okay, this is a great development.  ZOG is now exposing the kiddies to alternative points of view.  Some of those White kids are going to hear some Truth in these session and let their fingers do the walking on google to find out more.  Good Good!

Lamestream media version


5 thoughts on ““Nazis” etc. Invited to Speak at Schools

  1. Ryu

    I saw this story. They add that they prep the class for a few weeks prior to the nazi arrival. The problem I see is that the teacher has total control. If he wants to stop you or kick you out, you’re gone. I’d rather teach 1 on 1.

  2. Ryu

    Ah, I don’t think it’s that they love FOS so much.

    They want to invite the enemy in; a real, fire breathing Nazi! In the flesh. Then everyone gets to see that we are real and all those nightime monster stories were true. We exist!

    We make their fears about racists real. It’d be like inviting the bogeyman to class. It’s the appearance of FOS, but really to easier debunk us.

  3. Phil

    There are no “nazis” in the USA in 2013. The National Socialist German Workers Party existed in Germany, but ended in 1945. What they are really doing is demonizing Germanic people who have an ethnic identity, want their own living space, and don’t want to live under jewish control.

    Are they bringing in Jewish communists to speak to the class to expose the students to “hate”? Jewish communists mass-murdered 60 million people in the USSR. Jews communists also starved to death 5-10 Ukrainians in the early nineteen thirties. This is so obvious to researchers now that even an Israeli journalist, Sever Plocker, admitted the leading jewish role in soviet communism in his ynet dot com article, “Stalin’s Jews”.


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