Russian Cossacks Patrol Streets of Moscow!


More proof that Nationalism is on the rise in Europe.  Unlike the government of the United States, Russia is happy to have Cossacks/Nationalists help the police protect its borders and keep order in the cities and towns.  In fact, it PAYS them to do it.

Cossack patrolmen currently carry no weapons.  Their role is simply to act as a witness and a symbol.  The revival of the Cossack culture and mission accelerated in response to the nasty, disrespectful scene created by the rock group, Pussy Riot in Moscow’s main Cathedral in February 2012.

In 2005 President Vladimir Putin was inducted into the Cossack host and given the rank of Cossack Colonel, a title previously held by imperial czars.  Recently, groups of Cossacks kept visitors from viewing the disgraceful defacement of precious Orthodox Christian Icons with balaclavas (masks).  The Cossack Party of the Russian Federation even registered as a political party earlier this year!

Here’s another (if older) video    and a terrific article  about this growing movement if you want to learn more.

Edit-inspiring Cossack videos-

Another Article


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