New York Fire Fighter Has Some Fun


Poor New Yorker probably has to deal with Jews all the time. He probably gets tired of hearing them kvetch (whine) night and day about all the ills they are made to suffer even though they are the wealthiest ethnic group in the United States.

So he has a little fun. He blows off a little steam on Twitter. His sister probably thinks it’s funny too.

Ya see Jews, there are some of us who see through your BS. Heck, Dumbass Jew Barbara Spectre brags about how Jews will be at the center of making sure Europe is not MONOLITHIC, meaning….Europe will not be European.

Why would we LIKE a group of people who don’t want us to have a place to live in safety and prosperity? That would be crazy.

We are the Aryan Street. We look like normal people. The vast majority of us don’t have tattoos, wear Swaztikas or go to meetings. We might be your neighbor. We might be a waitress at your local restaurant. We might be your co-worker.

We are angry at people who want to destroy our way of life. This includes ANYONE who promotes multi-culturalism.

Africa for the Africans

Asia for the Asians

White Countries-EVEN EUROPE for everyone?


Read the lame stream media version of this article here.


5 thoughts on “New York Fire Fighter Has Some Fun

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  2. rollingwriter

    Aside from his comment about liking Hitler as much as the jews (Hitler certainly didn’t deserve that!) I really don’t see what the big deal was. Everything he said was spot on! Infuriates me that we aren’t even allowed to tell the truth among ourselves anymore. Damned KIKES!!


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