Wear Your Color!

wristband pride

As many of you have heard, some Wisconsin educators want White students to wear White armbands to remind themselves of their “White Privilege”.

Kenn at Kenn’s Videos is encouraging students to turn the tables and wear their White armbands with pride! Great idea!!!

Hey Wisconsin anti-Whites! Guess what? We are PROUD of the blood, sweat and tears that went into building White civilizations. We are PROUD of our higher (on average) IQ. We are PROUD that almost every invention that makes our lives easier today was conceived and brought to life by White men. We are PROUD of our good looks. We are PROUD of our light complexions that people world-over try to achieve.

In honor of Wear Something White Day (the 15th of every month) tomorrow, I am going to wear a White armband and when someone asks me why I am wearing it, I am going to say, “Some educators in Wisconsin are encouraging students to wear a White armband to remind them of their White Privilege so I decided to give it a try. Thing is though, try as I might, I’m just not feeling anything!”

Readers, please comment below if you will join me tomorrow in celebrating Wear Something White Day by wearing a White wristband.

Let me know how it goes.

I’ve also been toying with some slogans for our armbands. How’s this? White Privilege-Is it Magic? What other fun slogans can we come up with?


12 thoughts on “Wear Your Color!

  1. mindweapon


    The fact that the wristband is White means we don’t have to put the word White in it. I had a friend who took a black shirt and had the letters “Power” printed in White. People figured it out!

    I’d say we use a white wristband with red lettering that says, in Gothic letters, Achievement, Purity, Heritage

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  3. A.C.

    A good way to circumvent this anti-White campaign would be for white nationalists/advocates to start producing these white wrist bands themselves with “wear with pride” or some other WN slogan printed on the inside and sell ’em cheaply over the internet.

  4. rollingwriter

    Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Everybody remember to wear a White wristband tomorrow on Saint Honkey’s day or you’ll get a pinchin’!!
    Let all those smug semites and annoying humangutans know we all stand proudly united!!!

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