Russian Team’s Fans Call for Whites-Only Policy

landscronaBravo Landscrona! Landscrona is the largest fan club of Zenit [St. Petersburg], one of Russia’s oldest and most successful soccer teams. Zenit was founded in 1925.

I apologize if this is old news to some of you but back in December the Lanscrona fan club issued a manifesto where it is stated, among other things ( I have only a rough translation so if I am mistaken, I will take correction) that non-Russian, non-White players were being forced on them by the large corporation that owns the team. The manifesto makes the case that Zenit has a special meaning and history with the residents of St. Petersburg and that in order to preserve the identity of Zenit, it is important that only Europeans should be on the team, preferably players from St. Petersberg. One reason given is that the peoples of St. Petersburg have strong working class roots and they value fierce dedication over talent. Winning is not as important as being a team and playing hard as a team.

Also, other Europeans, especially close neighbors to St. Petersburg, have a similarity of mindsets, attitudes and behaviors, both on the soccer field and off. Scandinavians are specially mentioned in the manifesto as being apt choices because overall they are quiet, responsible and professional with no inclination to posture or mock others.

Non-Europeans should only be recruited as a last resort if no other suitable players can be found in or relatively close to St. Petersburg.

“Let us be what we are.” says the Landscrona fan club.

Edit-Came across this video regarding racism in Israeli soccer.  Doesn’t make the front page of  Lame Stream media publications does it???


3 thoughts on “Russian Team’s Fans Call for Whites-Only Policy

  1. Ryu

    It is nice to see. If I remember right, the owners were shoving some Africans down their throat. As much as I disagree with these sport leagues, they’ve got their minds right.

  2. maureenmartin5 Post author

    They are one of few places where Nationalism is somewhat socially acceptable. I can’t think of anything in the U.S. this size that provides a similar experience.


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