Take Courage! Austrian Freedom Party is Fighting Back!

Thank you Mindweapons in Ragnarok for making me aware of this encouraging development.

Here’s an excellent video which talks about the fact that non-White immigrants often “organize parallel and opposing structures”, that election time may find people all over Europe venting their rage and that this will cause change to occur.

He says that Muslims do not need to build minarets in European countries and points out the Christianity is rarely tolerated in Muslim countries. He said that tolerance should be two-sided.

He also said, “I think that we, the Europeans should WAKE UP and become more sensitive and more conscious of our culture.”

Hopefully, this rhetoric is not just meant to help Europeans let off steam and REAL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER WILL HAPPEN SOON IN EUROPE AND WORLDWIDE!

Also, here’s a rap video Mr. Strache made 3 years ago in an effort to wake up young people. The tune is pretty catchy if you’re into rap music. I used Google Translate to get an approximate idea of what some of the lyrics are saying.

Finance and economy in crisis,
from Brüssel comes Expertise,
the money is gone, we see also,
that’s Brüssel ?????? Sun consumption.

Let’s expand quite quickly towards the east,
which will cost us only a smile,
??? say the Chancellor
now it costs us his neck.

Billion for banks, without any obligation,
need of credit, then do not get.
Red-Black stingy with the poor,
with more money for Brüssel unto life yes and amen.


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