It’s STILL happening.  I can’t wait to see these kikes in work camps.

via Palestine: Illegal Colonialist Settlers Uproot Palestinian Farmlands In Nablus…! (Photo)


Jews Boycotting Women’s March. Here’s why.


Disclaimer: I did not watch this video.  I just….. can’t.

In a popcorn inspiring situation, (as in, grab the popcorn, this is gonna be good) Jews are probably going to boycott the annual Women’s March in New York City this year.  Tamika Mallory, one of the co-founders is buddy buddy with Louis Farrakhan.

As you know, Farrakhan is Jew wise (or pretends to be, he could be just playing a part).  The Southern Wealthy Anti-White Center AKA the SPLC has decreed that Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is a “hate group”.

Maybe the Women’s March won’t even happen this year. Maybe all the marches will shut themselves down much like the demoncrats are tearing themselves to pieces.

And lest you think Farrakhan is our pal, keep in mind among other crimes against our people, he may have been the person who coined the term “White Supremacist”.  At the very least, he appears to have been the first to use the term publicly, on the Phil Donahue show in the 90s.  I’ll write about that another day.

Have a good one!

How Much Can We Take? David Steven Bell Defends Himself From Feral “Yoof”


If White people had countries of their own this wouldn’t be happening.

It’s highly unlikely White men would regularly get bullied by roving bands of White teenagers.

This guy was obviously defending himself  and trying to help a woman who was being harassed by a group of girls..  He did nothing wrong.

Did you notice how those animals scattered when he defended himself?

Polish Man Kills Jew Mayor, Laughs and Boasts About It

Naturally I don’t condone this sort of thing because I could probably go to prison someday for it retroactively.

I started to write that these acts of violence aren’t very effective but sometimes they are.  The United States hasn’t pulled a Waco since the Timothy McVeigh incident have they?

The guy got his revenge and I’m sure he thought it through and decided it would be worth going to prison again to do it.


I found it interesting that they didn’t even have real police at this event. I found it very interesting that the security company took a very long time to respond. People get lazy and complacent.  Never let your guard down, especially if you’re jewing the goyim. Every once in a while somebody goes off the plantation and you get stabbed!

Have a White day everyone!

The New Jersey European Heritage Association Throws A Wrench In The Machine!

8887d2ce-78e2-427c-abd9-de33f1beed99.sized-1000x1000The New Jersey European Heritage Association pulled a nice stunt that “brought an unprecedented amount of publicity, media coverage and website traffic.” The association said it never does pre-announced public rallies.  Nice.

They pretended they were planning a rally in Princeton, NJ, then didn’t show up.  Anti-Whites showed up.  I’m sure the city spent money on security.  And then nothing.

Really these ploys to get local, state or federal governments to spend a lot of resources is great.  It’s non-violent too!  Hehehe.

Let’s do more of these hoaxes.  They can’t even put me in jail for saying that LOL.