Police Beat Anti-Whites at Philadelphia Rally Today

A group called “We The People” held a rally today in Philadelphia. The group is made up of “Patriots, Militia, 3%ers, Constitution Loving Americans, Pro Good Cop people, Pro ICE people, Pro Law and Order people , Pro Life people, Pro American Values people, Pro Gun people and Anti Illegal Immigration people.

The various browns and NPCs protesting the rally seemed to want to stir up violence and the cops gave it right back to them.


Tanya Gersh Is Still A Kike Bitch

How long are we going to have to put up with Jews striking us, then crying out in pain?

Tanya Gersh was organizing against Richard Spencer’s mother and when Andrew Anglin decided to fight back, she acts like she’s some innocent victim.

And Jews wonder why no one likes them. They wonder why they get kicked out of countries over and over and over again. I almost feel sorry for them but not really.

Perhaps Tanya Gersh will win her court battle against Andrew Anglin but the universe will right itself and truly it will not be pretty for people like Tanya Gersh. Not a threat, just a prophecy.


Poor Greeks Dying On The Vine While Muslim Invaders Live In Luxury Hotels

This is happening in many White countries.

I noticed an influx of blacks from gawd-knows-where living in upscale long term hotels in my town 2 years ago.

Meanwhile Whites (many of whom have worked their whole lives and/or are veterans) are living in tent cities or less.  A tent would be an improvement for most homeless in my area.

It’s a very quiet transfer of wealth.

Hat tip Der Kamerad




OURGAL Calls a Negro A Nigger Without Apology

Hopefully she’s can collect her pension because she might get fired.

Honestly it’s probably best not to bother getting into it with these humans unless you’re money situation is secure or you just don’t need much materially.

I used to mouth off a little when I was newer but now I just do microaggressions.  I didn’t know what they were until the SJW taught me. For instance, I have a terrific resting “bitchface” (most of us White people do-we’re just thoughtful and serious) so I just let my bitchface speak for me in public.  The only time I smile at a non-White is in a work sitch or some other situation where it benefits me.

For that matter, I really don’t have time or energy for ANY low quality people.  Race mixers, drug users, smokers, whiners, spendthrifts and other degenerates have no place in my life.  Life is too short!




What’s Going On In Warren, Michigan?

There was a riot the other day at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Michigan. There was also a stabbing murder at the same school in September of this year.

According to this linked website  46.1% of its “students” are black, 29.7% of its students are White and 17.4% are asian.

What kind of hell it must be for the White children who are forced to go to this toxic, dangerous environment everyday?  What kind of education can a White child obtain when he or she has to worry about niggers chimping out at any moment?

This is child abuse, plain and simple.  “Educators” don’t care about children.  All they care about is their wacky ideological social experiments, their paychecks and doing as little actual work as possible. We all know it.

Schools like this should be defunded. They’re nothing more than crappy babysitting facilities. Let the apes run the streets and go to prison where they belong.

White people, do what you have to to keep your children out of these hellholes.  Our children are our most precious resource. We mustn’t allow them to be niggerized or even killed by being in constant proximity to subhumans. The zoos keep the dangerous animals in cages.  WE force our children into cages with animals.  This must stop.