PewdiePie Fans Hacked Wall Street Journal Website


A sponsored post on the Journal’s affiliated site was edited to say that the publication would “like to apologize to pewdiepie” and that he had been “misrepresented” by the paper’s journalists.

The hacked note also said that the Journal would be sponsoring PewDiePie in an attempt to beat a rival channel in a race over subscribers.

hehehehe   Read more here.


Dylann Roof Fan Gets Arrested

Dakota Reed.png


So what was the crime exactly? Bad words? Having weapons? The article doesn’t say if  Dakota Reed owned the weapons found at his residence legally or not.

If I were a “terrorist” though (Obviously I’m not) I wouldn’t go around shooting off my mouth about it.  Silly kids.

Now if you were a member of ISIS or Antifa no problem.  But you belong to the New American Underclass. White men who are not okay with being swept aside, ground out, and watching your people be genocided.  Sorry!

If this story is even true. Who knows!  I mean, look at the photo! Why do they have his eyes covered? He’s not underage.  Weird!

Teachers Saying Nigger In The Classroom

Oh excuse me, I mean N Word.  Cuz we’re all children and can’t say “bad words”.

She said it was okay because African Americans say it.

He had a meltdown.

And some good news:

A Judge has recommended the School Board dismiss all the allegations associated with the claims that a Kernan Middle School teacher used the N-word in front of students last year.

The New Antifa: A Mob of White People Beating Up Two Hispanic Marines While Using Racial Slurs.

1492739617342The two Hispanic Marines who were attacked by antifa last month testified that when one was bewildered by being called a white supremacist and immediately cried out, “I’m Mexican!”  the attack continued, and both men said that members of the group, including Keenan, repeatedly used ethnic slurs, including “spic” and “wetback,” against the marines. 




Racist Beauty Queens


“Racism” is not going away and pretty White people are the most “racist” and discriminating of all.

I’ve known a few uber-pretty women in my time and the more attractive they are the more they shoot for perfection in their physical appearance.  They’ll spare no expense.  And they’re very competitive. It goes with the territory.   It’s common knowledge they can mean as a result.  They discriminate!

On a personal level it’s not fun to be the brunt of anyone’s criticism (meanness) but in the big picture, I can’t hate on people with high standards.  That’s what eugenics is.  If you want a healthy, smart, attractive populace you encourage it.  The smart, high IQ healthy people should be given every advantage so they can have children with each other.  If you think otherwise you might just be a commie.

Naturally, when we come into power we must have an excellent incentive system set up so that these folks have lots of children. Maybe we should provide them free nanny service even.  Maybe we should buy their eggs and sperm and create a better race from them, I don’t know.

Anyway, all this to say I’m glad Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers, a Miss Universe contestant made fun of a Cambodian contestant.  It shows a healthy racial consciousness and competitive nature.

It’s Jews and Abrahamic religions that promote kindness to all humanoids.  I know it sounds harsh but we must encourage “mean girls” and even more so “mean boys”. Otherwise we are just cucks who will die out.

To provide a little context, you’ll see in the video below (and toward the end of the previous video I posted) that she’s not even really that mean.  That never stops the Jews from lambasting us though. They never waste a good “racist” story.

Patreon Allows Fundraising by Violent Leftists

As most of you know, a large number of right-wing types have been kicked off of Patreon recently.

Far-left groups on the other hand are allowed to raise funds through patreon even though they are blatantly promoting violence.

For instance, Revolutionary Left Radio states on Twitter:

Fuck it. I just identify as a militant revolutionary communist who wants to put every fascist in the world against the wall and violently expropriate the wealth and property of the owning class. I’m hoping that catches on! Haha

Learn how about this group and other violent scum from the left who are using Patreon to fund their efforts. THEN complain to Patreon.

Let’s make some noise.

Help Our POWs-RAM-Rise Above Movement

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 9.06.34 AM

We have a lot of men unfairly in prison right now.  Some will be in for a very long time.  Here are a few:

Robert Paul Rundo

Robert Boman

Tyler Laube

Aaron Eason (Not a member of RAM but arrested at the same time)

James Fields-Needs no introduction.  He’s going away for life unless he can get out on appeal (Not a member of RAM)

Please send money to “put on the books” for them in jail/prison.  What this means is they will have funds to buy hygiene items and extra food so they can feel somewhat human in the horrible conditions they must endure, day after lonely day.  Let them know they aren’t alone and that we appreciate them.

You can pay by phone, online or even send money in.  If you are worried about anonymity, send a money order but don’t put your name on it.

Thank you.

Edit below-to add important information.  Thanks to Yes Pasaran

Here’s the inmate numbers/contact info for our guys in Charlottesville, plus one still locked up from the Sacramento fight. There are additional members of RAM locked up in Cali, but no info on them yet aside from a legal defense fund.

James Fields 631438
Daniel Borden 631461
Rich Preston 631860
Michael Miselis 10643409
Tom Gillen 10643408
Name/Inmate number
Albemarle County Regional Jail
160 Peregory Lane
Charlottesville VA 22902

Send money thru OR
cashiers check/money order: Name/Inmate Number, PO Box 7626, Charlottesville VA 22906

Alex Michael Ramos, #1917415
Coffeewood Correctional Center, 12352 Coffeewood Dr., Mitchells, VA 22729  send him money thru

Ben Daley, Central Virginia Regional Jail, 13021 James Madison Hwy, Orange, VA 22960 (no inmate # needed) trial Jan 14-18

Tyler W. Davis, C-ville, house arrest till his trial  2/11/2019

Jacob Goodwin, 1931215 S3 building 8 room 436 Greensville Correctional Center 901 Corrections Way Jarratt, VA 23870-9614

Will Planer X-3696365
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 “I” Street   5W224A
Sacramento CA 95814

American Legal Defense Fund
44489 Town Center Way
Suite D478
Palm Desert, CA 92260

The Law Office of Augustus Invictus, P.A.