Wisconsin Nazis

Some kids made a Nazi salute in a prom photo last spring and the jews are freaking out.  It’s glorious!

No one actually gives a crap about jews.



What’s Going On In Warren, Michigan?

There was a riot the other day at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Michigan. There was also a stabbing murder at the same school in September of this year.

According to this linked website  46.1% of its “students” are black, 29.7% of its students are White and 17.4% are asian.

What kind of hell it must be for the White children who are forced to go to this toxic, dangerous environment everyday?  What kind of education can a White child obtain when he or she has to worry about niggers chimping out at any moment?

This is child abuse, plain and simple.  “Educators” don’t care about children.  All they care about is their wacky ideological social experiments, their paychecks and doing as little actual work as possible. We all know it.

Schools like this should be defunded. They’re nothing more than crappy babysitting facilities. Let the apes run the streets and go to prison where they belong.

White people, do what you have to to keep your children out of these hellholes.  Our children are our most precious resource. We mustn’t allow them to be niggerized or even killed by being in constant proximity to subhumans. The zoos keep the dangerous animals in cages.  WE force our children into cages with animals.  This must stop.

via Γερμανια: Διαδήλωση Υπέρ Της 90χρονης Ούρσουλα Χάβερμπεκ Στο Μπίλεφελντ ~ Germany: Demonstration In Favor Of 90-Year-Old Ursula Haverbek In Bielefeld ~ Deutschland: Demonstration Dafür 90-Jahre Alt Ursula Haverbek In Bielefeld…! (Video + Photo)

The 90 year old Ursula Haverbeck has been imprisoned since May of this year for Holohoax denial.  It’s outrageous.  The truth hurts kikes.  Someday the shoe will be on the other foot and we will punish them for their lies and other crimes.

400 brave souls protested this gross injustice in Bielefeld, Germany yesterday.

Hat tip Der Kammerad



This Is What Black Rule Looks Like In Denmark, South Carolina


Population is less than 6% White

Black Mayor pictured above defends putting HaloSan in the city drinking supply to disinfect it even though the EPA has not approved HaloSan for this use!

He is quoted as saying, “It was our thinking that it was an approved chemical to be used,” It was your thinking? Who did you consult, your local witch doctor?  It was reported in January of this year that he refused to allow well known Flint water crisis researcher test city wells for pollution!  Why?

So for 10 years, the people of Denmark South Carolina had poison put in their water by the city government. Now they are realizing why they’ve been sick.

This is what black rule looks like.



Distractions Galore


There are many ways to keep a dissident busy.  You can blacklist him so he can’t get a job.  You can turn his wife, family and friends against him.  You can gangstalk him (thousands of people are claiming to have been gangstalked).  You can take legal action against him by accusing him of inciting violence (every “hate crime” is considered as an incitement to violence now).  When these things happen to a dissident he is likely to spend a lot of time in damage control mode, thereby neutralizing his influence.

A lesser realized problem is that you can also keep a dissident busy and distracted by “the movement” happenings and gossip.  I firmly believe a lot of the popular podcasts coming from the so-called alt-right are nothing more than distractions.  There’s some decent information mixed in but there’s lots of fluff and gossipy content.  There’s also a lot of, shall we say, mental masturbation about unimportant topics.

Sure, listen to the radio shows aka podcasts from time to time (perhaps when driving home from work) to feel connected but don’t neglect your personal development and improvement.  I don’t need to remind our readers that we are in a war for our very existence right now and we need to keep our guard up against useless distractions.  We may congratulate ourselves for not watching niggerball or tv in general but it’s easy for radio shows, websites, YouTube videos etc. to become time sucking diversions as well.  Pay attention to your life, your home, your health, your career, your preparedness, your activism (if any), your intellect and so on.  We must be stronger and have more clarity that the general populace.  Also most of us are (hopefully) undoing decades of mind control that’s been thrown at us by the media as well as our schools and universities.  That takes a lot of work.

We’re the watchdogs of White society.  The higher IQ grownups.  It’s up to us to set the example and get organized for the future.  Never forget this.