Shrillery Clinton’s Help


Hillary Clinton reverse-shilling for the Alt-Right LOL.  She’s even wearing White!

It was nice of Hillary Clinton to talk about the Alt-Right today for the world to hear.  The advertising she gave us was worth billions!

I don’t consider myself an alt-righter though.  I like many of the most well-known of them like Andrew Anglin (when he’s not hating on White women and even though he has strange non-White facial features).  I like The Right Stuff too.  They’re pretty good!  Some of these half-steppers like Richard Spencer and others who don’t like talking about our most important racial enemy, The Jew, leave me cold.  I don’t want to be in a race war with Blacks.  I want to get to to the root of our problems racially and that means dealing with Jews.  Focusing on blacks, mexicans, muslims and all the others who are invading our lives keeps us distracted from Jews.  Jews are the ones who have promoted desegregation and massive immigration into White countries.  Yes they have WELL PAID goy helpers that are European (and often lend their non-hook nose faces to the media)but powerful Jews spearhead these activities.

Thanks though Hillary.  In trying to discredit Trump, you have brought many readers into the fold of people who care about issues that affect White Europeans.  And once having read the ample discourse on White Genocide  that exists on the internet, our White brothers and sisters will never be the same.  And eventually they will wonder what the deal is with the Jews.

I wonder how her Jew handlers feel about this?

Serbian Nationalists Are on The Trump Train!

The Trump Train is a very fun ride and gives us a chance to talk to a lot of people more openly than before.  Just don’t put all your hope into one man okay?  This is your Nazi mama/grandma talking LOL.  Can I interest you in some cookies?  Do you like my oven?


I’ve seen a lot.  Over and over our “heroes” have dropped out of political races or otherwise disappointed us.  Don’t put all your emotional/hopeful eggs in one basket.  We’re in this for the long haul.  As one commenter on the Daily Stormer remarked, we’re beginning OUR long march through the institutions.

Thanks Yes Pasaran for keeping us updated.  If you haven’t signed up to follow Yes Pasaran yet, I’ll assume you like bad news!  Cuz he’s got the inside scoop on the good stuff you won’t hear anywhere else!  Seriously!!!

Race War Corsica: Five Hospitalized in Clashes Between Whites & North Africans

This proves that White people WILL stand up for themselves. If you guys and gals get tired of bad news and want to hear about the good stuff that happens almost everyday, follow this Yes Pasaran! blog. This guys is doing a fantastic job.

Pictured, protesters clash with riot police as locals vent their anger over the burkini row

It all started when a tourist took a picture of a muslim woman wearing a “burkini” at the beach.

When relatives of the muslim woman objected, a group of local teenagers  came to the photographer’s defence.

Local reports said that a group of North African men armed themselves and took on the young  Corsicans.

After bottles & stones were thrown by both sides, the fight escalated when the teenagers’ parents rushed from their village to the beach where one of them, a man of Czech origin but resident in Sisco, was wounded by a harpoon while defending his son. A pregnant woman was also reported to be injured. In retaliation, villagers then set fire to cars belonging to the muslims.

But it wasn’t over yet. A crowd of around 500 gathered in the nearby town of Bastia and tried to enter a housing estate with a high immigrant population. They chanted: “To arms, this is our place and we…

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More Holohoaxing

I ran across the story today of a family of SEVEN dwarfs who claim to have ALL survived Joseph Mengele’s experiments at Auschwitz.  What a circus!  What a show!  Supposedly, the Ovitz family was alternately experimented on AND forced to perform for the other residents.

Apparently Perla Ovitz the youngest child in the family denies that her family ever performed in the death camp.

Also another sister, Elizabeth Ovitz said one day in Auschwitz, when so much blood was taken from her and her baby Shimshon that she passed out she took her baby and ran and hid in the bushes outside the clinic until night.  Later though, it was determined that there was no way to run from the building AND there weren’t any bushes to run to.

Everyone (Jewish) wants in on the survivor act.  The show must go on!


PS.  Ovitz and oven mitts rhyme.  Just sayin.



Bring out your best sock puppets and support Rick Tyler for Congress in TN.  One great way to help out (if you can’t get out to TN to help in person) is to go on Youtube and comment on recent videos out of Tennessee.  Another would be to find and post to online newspapers that allow comments. tyler-620x396

He has a nice look about him, doesn’t he.  Rick Tyler, we salute you!


More about Rick’s campaign here.