My Friend is in Danger Part 2

You may remember my post from a couple of months ago called, My Friend is in Danger.  I wanted to give you an update about the situation.

Not a day has gone by that my friend hasn’t seen weird stuff happening around his home and when he walked on the streets in his neighborhood and beyond.  It is going to sound strange but he has seen a LOT of people just sitting in the back seats of their cars, alone.  Then, while he is watching, they get out and sit in the front seat. It’s just a little odd.  Also, after suspecting for some time that someone has been trying to get his dogs to bark to spook him, he hid out and actually saw people doing this.  Finally, a neighbor told him that another neighbor is in cahoots with whoever is bothering him.  These gang stalkers seem to want to make him think he’s crazy and fill him with fear.

We know who the perpetrator is because of the G4S car that was in his neighborhood that he took a photo of-you can find it on the first post about this.  I am trying to get him to take more photos but he seems to be nervous about doing this.  Maybe he thinks things will get worse. 

He has contacted both left and right wing sources recently to see if they were familiar with this organized stalking, otherwise known as gang stalking.  They WERE familiar with this and one of them confirmed that at least some of it is being done by GS4, a huge “security” company (they employ around half a million people worldwide!) 

Interestingly, when I googled “G4S””Israel” (parenthesis help when doing google research, by the way) I found a lot of scary stuff on them.  See for yourself.  Why did I link them with Israel you ask?  Do you have to ask? 

Solidarity protest with Palestinian prisoners, Brussels, Belgium

Ah, security company.  It sounds like such a nice thing.  It turns out though that on of the things G4$ is doing is guarding innocent Palestinian children in prison IN SOLIDARY CONFINEMENT for Israel


Isn’t it interesting that all the things Jews accuse the Germans of doing in WW2 are things THEY do?  Uncanny! 

In most cases the children are arrested from their homes in the occupied West Bank by Israeli soldiers in the middle of the night. After being tied and blindfolded, the children are transferred to an interrogation centre inside Israel, most commonly to the Al Jalame facility, near Haifa. The children report being held in solitary confinement at these facilities for an average of 10 days. Whilst detained in these facilities, the children are questioned by ISA interrogators and are generally denied access to their parents and a lawyer. No education is provided to children at these facilities.

Click the underlined words above for more about this.

This gang stalking seems to be getting more and more prevalent.  Please re-blog this post so that more and more people will know what they are dealing with if this happens to them.  If you know someone that has a blog or website with a large readership, please send them this post so perhaps they will look into this and inform their readers about this gang stalking by G4S.  Thank you.

PS.  Just because this isn’t happening to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  Anyone who is halfway awake knows that our enemies will stop at nothing to get what they want so please keep an open mind and get the word out.  


I like a lot of what Viking Bitch posts.  I believe she does a good job portraying the feelings of aware, working class women. 

I relate to many of the things she talks about and I’m sure many of you do too.  STILL, I do not wish to stay “working class”.  I’m not particularly proud to be a part of it.  Hard work is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong but to work your arse off to make another family wealthy is not the optimal position. 

I don’t actually know if VB is still working class or not….I’m afraid I don’t follow her closely enough…and I’m definitely not picking on her.  She just brings this topic to mind. 

I realized a few years ago that working for rich dudes and corporations was NOT the way I wanted to spend my energy.  I also don’t like being a virtual robot on the job, never able to use my creativity.  40 hours a week of THAT was kiling my spirit.  We are meant for far better.

It’s likely my many of my ancestors were peasants but I’m hopeful that some of them dreamed dreams while they were plowing fields.  I am their child and I dream big dreams, so certainly some of them did too.  I like to think the same spirit of innovation and wanting to improve even the most simple ways of doing things lived inside of my ancestors and was passed on to me. 

Which brings me to today.  I started working for myself a few years ago…out of self preservation mostly.  I didn’t care about making much money…just surviving.  After reading Ryu’s work and Rob’s work for a couple of years ago, I realize that being at the bottom of the food chain isn’t going to help My People as a whole, nor is it going to help the people I care about the survive and thrive.  It is a SIN to waste any talent, skill or energy I’ve been endowed with. 

All hands on deck.   No more whining people.  We’ve got shit to do.  Make millions.  Make PLEs.  Make a future for White children. 

Do it when it’s difficult.  Do it when you think the Jews have got all the good stuff locked down.  Do it when you’re tired.  Do it when you’re depressed.   Do it when your friends and immediate family thinks you’re nuts.  Do something everyday for our future.  I’m with you in spirit.  We will only suceed if we want it and are willing to work for it.

PS.  Do not worry if you can’t quit your job right now.  It is something to work toward.  I wish all of you much success!  Let’s be great together!

Survival is the Highest Good

jewfemaleI used to try hard to be a “good person”.  My parents taught me to be “good” which meant (although I’ve always had a rebellious streak against things I thought made no sense) that overall, I did what most (White) people in society would say was right.  Churchianity played a part in this too of course.  (I’m not bashing Christianity in its best sense though)  The phoney baloney stories about our past “leaders” (who it turns out were working for the interests of themselves and their elite buddies) and how honest and God-fearing they were also influenced me greatly.

THEN a few years ago I realized that traditionally White countries, all over the world are coerced and even forced to take in scores of non-Whites and treat them, not like the Lord of the Flies children that they are (especially the Negroes), but like some sort of royalty, to be showered with every form of privilege at the expense of our own children.  Even if it kills us all or we are bred out of existence in a demographic WAR most Whites don’t even comprehend yet.

I don’t feel super angry about this anymore.  The fight for land and resources in this world has been going on as long as there have been humans (and animals) on this earth.

What I feel is determination.  Any religion or creed that would tell me I must always tell the truth even when it hurts myself and my kin, always pay more than my fair share, never think of defending myself from thieves, murderers and rapists, accept some weirdo sissy-lisp faggot as an equal etc. holds no attraction for me.

Give me that old-time religion of a Charles”THE HAMMER” Martel where he built the first full time army in world history-stealing Church lands to do it.  The Church was furious about it until later when it realized that he was right to do it.

That’s MY kind of religion.

I have a couple of friends who probably think I’m going to the dogs.  One said, a few months ago that she hasn’t lost her moral compass.  Another seems to think that if you try to make a lot of money that you are part of  “the system” and that’s bad.

My moral compass tells me that all is fair in love and war and we are at war.  It’s as real as if there were bullets flying all around us, it is just more subtle.  My moral compass tells me that I put too many years into trying to be a good girl within “the system” almost completely destroying my mind and body.  My moral compass tells me that I only have a few years left to try to recoup my losses so that perhaps I (and you) will have White grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren.

Charles Martel shows that Might Makes Right.  So do the “Jews” in Palestine.  They want that land and they won’t be happy until they own every inch of it as portrayed in this video.  This Jewess doesn’t seem to have any problem called her Palestinian neighbors whores and helping to frighten them so much they barely leave the house.

I would probably be kinder to my enemies, were I a “settler” somewhere.  Still, I don’t owe my enemies any kindness.

I’m not promoting violence or “lawlessness” here, only saying that my mindset has changed and continues to change into survival mode rather than victim mode.  I hope yours will too.

“Liberals” Are Trying to Make Us Unhappy

girls(1)This post is dedicated to all you other “anti-racist””liberals”.

Let’s look at the happiest ten countries in the world for 2013, according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  Oh and just for $hits and giggles, lets put the percentage of White people (according to Wikipedia-taken from the countries’ official stats*) in the country next to the entry.

1.  Denmark          89.6%

2.  Norway             at least 86%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

3.  Switzerland       at least 76.7%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

4.  Netherlands      80.9%

5.  Sweden             at least 80% Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

6.  Canada             76.7%

7.  Finland              Close to 100%

8.  Austria               at least 81%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

9.  Iceland                94%

10. Australia            85%

Okay, so as you can see, the one thing these counties have in common is that their residents  are majority EUROPEAN.

Let’s look at the bottom of the list now.  In fairness, it appears that only 156 countries were included in this study.

156.  Togo

155.  Benin

154.  Central African Republic

153.  Burundi

152.  Rwanda

151.  Tanzania

150.  Guinea

149.  Comoros

148.  Syria

147.  Senegal

south africa

South Africa, 2010

As you can see, most if not all these unhappy countries have pretty much ZERO Europeans living in them.  It is indisputable that, As Bob Whitaker says, “Brown countries are poor countries”.  And we all know that although money doesn’t BUY happiness, no one aspires to be poor and happy because well, we know prosperity is better.  Duh.

So why DO “liberals” insist we take in wave after wave these poor, unhappy people?  WhyBecause they want Whites to be unhappy.  They want our countries to be Brown, Poor and Unhappy.  What kind of crap is that?


For those of you with an ear to hear (or eyes to read), this is all about Competition.  Jew and White anti-racists are not our friends, fellow citizens “working together for a better world”.  They are making a better world for THEMSELVES by making slaves of poor, unhappy, brown immigrants.  The immigrants (for the most part) just aren’t smart enough to see it for what it is) SHAME ON YOU “LIBERALS”.

That’s why in California, one of the leading states in diversityisourstrength, all the upper-middle class and rich Whites and Jews have (mostly) brown nannies, housekeepers, car washers, cooks in their restaurants, janitors in their businesses etc. because They LOVE their little brown slaves.  And we Whites that want to survive WITHOUT taking advantage of the brown people, are in their way and must be neutralized.

A pox on you ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-HUMAN SCUM.  You are the most vicious, evil bitches on the planet.

If you feel guilty for being White (or “Jew-White”), “Liberal” (and you anti-racist conservatards too), instead of trying to make ME unhappy, why don’t you kill YOURSELF and get it over with?

PS.  I’m pretty sure most of the happiest countries were never SLAVE countries nor have they been colonizers.  Just goes to show, it is best for Europeans to be ALONE.

*Please note that the stats for each country may be from different years.  Please don’t be a retard and miss the point of the article by nitpicking the numbers.  This post intends only to give a general idea of who is living in these countries. 

Canadian Immigration Minister is a Coward

Sign says, “If mass immigration produces jobs, why did Ontario Lose over 300,000 manufacturing jobs alone in the last decade.

Hat tip-Paul Fromm

Aryan Skynet is aware and active!  A small, peaceful group of White Advocates with signs frightened Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister, AKA White Genocider and his staff from his office on Monday.  Chris was heard saying, “My gosh White people are scary.  Maybe things would be easier in Ferguson, Missouri.”  Okay, I made that part up.  Still, isn’t it crazy that even though there was a heavy police presence shadowing these protesters, this guy felt scared enough that he had to sneak away from his office?

These genociders must sense somehow that their time is limited.

Read more and see more photos here.