Protecting and Caring for Your Prosterity NOW – Epigenetics

It is important for those of us who are concerned about the future of our kind to take a look at Epigenetics.  Simply put, epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological traits that are passed on to daughter cells (the two cells formed when a cell undergoes cell division)  and not caused by changes in the DNA sequence of a person.  In other words, it is believed that a human’s traits (and possible those of his or her offspring) can be changed, without any altering of the genetic code.

It is said that the foods you choose, the amount of exercise you get, how you handle stress, air quality and so on effect, not only you, but the development and health of your children as well.

Here is a simple film that explains this phenomena in very easy to understand terms.  Although it is an advertisement for a product, I thought it worth watching to get an overview.

If you want to go more in-depth, check out the following video.








Safety For Ladies

Folks may remember how a year or so ago, I was called names for no reason in a park in my city by a Mexican.   I have only had one other incident since then.  The other day though I read that another woman in my city got knocked down in a park in my city.  The woman was around 50 years of age and three men came up on bikes and one of them hit her so hard on the rear end that she fell down.

This city was around 50% White as of the 2010 census.  I recommend if you live in a city with similar demographics that you bring a man with you when you go out in public.  Don’t think that because you have a cell phone and pepper spray with you that you are safe.  Also, even if you have the most benevolent and responsive police force in the world, they cannot prevent crime in instances like these.  They will take a report, but the damage has already been done.  Having a man with you will make scumbags much less likely to target you.  They will find an easier mark.

Best safety plan of all is to get out of the city before something awful happens.  I’m working on an exit plan myself.

Just Smile-For the Ladies

If you are a woman who hates men, don’t read this post.

If you are a woman who wants to know how to relate to men…or how to attract a good man, stick around for a minute.

We all know Asians are after our men.  It’s really bad out here in California.  I was recently forced to listen to a White man tell about how his last Asian girlfriend “got him”.  Well I wasn’t forced to but I was in a social situation (Tis the season) where it wouldn’t have been advantageous to get mad and yell at someone.  So I listened.  I learn a lot when I listen.

So this White man is on public transportation and he sees this Asian woman smiling at him, like a big dummy.  He noticed but looked away.  When he looked back, there she was, smiling like an idiot, again.  Finally, as she gets out at her stop, she glances back at him and smiles AGAIN.  Next time he saw her on the bus, he gave her his number.  He called and she spoke only enough English to get him to dinner at her house.  And the rest is history.  Oh wait, he also mentioned that although she is in her late forties that she has the “body of a 30 year old”.

So do men like dumb women?  Maybe not, but at the beginning of a relationship, maybe it is better not to say too much.  Workedfine for the Asian hag. Men are pretty serious and they see woman as potentially fun!  Why not have fun?

I mean, look, I like to talk but sometimes it’s a turn off for men when women talk TOO much.  I have a girlfriend like that.  A man shows an interest in her and she becomes miss school marm trying to teach him something.  No, no, no!!!!  Shut up and let him teach YOU something!  These guys listen to her lectures but then don’t ask for her number.  :(  Too bad, because she has a great smile.

It is especially important to forget about White Genocide for 5 minutes.  Just enjoy getting to know a new man.  Have fun!  WG will be there when you get back.

Fun….have fun!  You might like it!  And there will be time to talk later.

Supremacism and Hate

Wanting to survive is not hate BUT assuming a limited amount of land and resources on planet earth, if someone has to die out or be persecuted, I don’t want it to be my children, my grandchildren, my nieces, my nephews, and my greater family.  I would rather it be theirs.  That’s just the way it is.  I like MY people better than yours.  White lives matter….much more to me that Brown.

White Supremacism

I have been thinking about this term a lot lately.

WN promotes that supremacism is wrong.  But isn’t that like saying we are all equal.?

We are in a fight for survival here.  Survival is all about competition.  And in competitions there are winners and losers.  The win/win situation is largely a myth.

If you want to be a winner, you have to think you are worth the trouble, don’t you?  You have to think “I AM better or more deserving than this other person (business, etc.) to survive (or gain more resources or whatever) and I’m going to prove it in order to get what I want.”

The Jews are anti-White Supremacism so that alone makes me want to be a Supremacist (I love whatever Jews hate) but truly, if we aren’t better, why not just let the browns mix in with us?  If they were equal to us in looks, brains etc., it wouldn’t matter would it?


DNA Testing

I’m not an expert on this topic.  Heck, I’m not even an amateur.  All I can say is that DNA testing is still in its infancy as a science or perhaps it is adolescent now.  I don’t plan on getting tested until these companies get to the adult stage.  If you DO decide to get tested, take your results with a grain of salt.  Here is more on the topic-the comments are informative, as well.

Oh and even if I found out I had some little smattering of “American Indian” or whatnot, I would disclose this to my friends but I would still advocate for the future of White people.  Why not?   A lack of racial purity has never caused Obama to hold back his pro-Black sentiments has it?