Refugees or Opportunists

It’s obvious that the “refugees” are not looking for a “safe place”.  They are looking for gibsmedat.  Our enemies have taught them very well that there is still some meat on the carcass of Europe so come and get it!

Miroslay Lajcak, the foreign minister of Slovakia says refugees shouldn’t be FORCED (there’s that word again) to stay in his country if they don’t want to.  He says only one in four of the refugees that come into his country stay.(even THAT is too many).

How come China isn’t being forced to take in any refugees?  Because there’s no frigging way China could be FORCED to do so.  They will team up with Russia and kick some ass before they would let THAT happen.  So our enemies don’t even TRY to get China to take them.  Or Dubai.

It’s all about FORCE people.  Physical force.  Talk is cheap.


It’s really simple, “Might Is Right”.  There’s a book by that name written by Dr. Ragnar Redbeard.  Actually the entire title is “Might is Right or the Survival of the Fittest”.  It was written in the early part of the 20th century.

The thing is, even though our current “society” pretends to be non-violent, we all know, and I mean all of us, (not just WNS), that if we step out of line we risk having physical violence used against us by the federal government or one of its branches at the local level.

Look how it played out in Little Rock Arkansas when 9 African children were forced into a school of European-American children.  It didn’t matter that even the GOVERNOR of that state was not in favor of desegregating the schools and prevented it at first.  The ALMIGHTY FEDGOV didn’t care.  They came with bayonets to make sure those black students got into that school.

And so it goes.  It’s gone on since the beginning of time.  Force wins the day.

Try not paying your car registration.  If you get caught they will come for you.  If you get caught driving without it enough times, they will take your car, throw you in jail.  Try resisting your arrest.  You will know what force is.

I say all this because I fell into the trap early on, of thinking WNs shouldn’t be violent because it made us “look bad”.  I’m not sure where I got the idea.  It seemed many online personas (maybe jews?) were saying it too.

Then I watched Golden Dawn (I’m aware that most Greeks are not Aryan) gain more and more political power.  THEN GD’s enemies executed some of their members and threw their leaders in jail.  Politics doesn’t work with the enemies we are dealing with.  They don’t “fight fair”.  Frankly all is fair in love and war.  The stakes are too high in wartime to worry about honor…except toward your own.

Do you remember the redcoats fighting against the American rebels in the War for Independence?  The British were in lines and marched straight toward the rebels!   There were advantages to this sort of formation but not in those days.  Often-times the rebels were able to pick off the British soldiers in their formations.  The Brits found out that they had better adapt their tactics.

We too have to adapt to WHAT IS.  There are no rules except maybe don’t get caught, don’t get killed.


I don’t write often on Aryan Street because when I pressure myself to write a lot, I fall into the trap of commenting on jewstream media stories just to have something to write about.  There are plenty of people doing that.  It’s the low-hanging fruit (I hope I’m not offending anyone.  Some people do us a great service picking apart the “news” stories, helping us understand the anti-Whiteness of the propaganda)

But for me, it’s low hanging fruit.  I need to think my own thoughts, write my own words.  I AM influenced by others, of course.  Some very thoughtful, intelligent others too.

All that aside, when I first started writing here (a couple of years ago?) I was a Christian.  After spending my early adult life in holy roller churches, recently I have toyed with the ideas of Christian Identity and I have flirted with Traditional Catholicism, the religion of my youth.

I don’t claim to know everything but more and more, as time goes by I see Christianity as a philosophy that weakens me, weakens us.  Now is Yahweh the god of the universe?  I don’t know.  I really hope not.  I have never been able to have a “personal relationship” with him, like the non-Catholics Christians claimed I could.  He seemed kind of mean.  I KNOW, Jesus is nice but his Dad’s kind of mean.  But then people say, they are the same entity so the whole thing leaves me confused.  Why would a loving god send such confusing messages especially when heaven and hell are on the line?  As such, is it any surprise that Christians are worshipping the same god as the hated Jew worships?

What manifested in my life from following some of the Christian principles was pretty weak.  I got picked on and I didn’t fight back.  I was nice-nice to everyone and it was a fool’s game.  Meanwhile, Jews were cleaning up.  THEY didn’t get a “savior” who told them to turn the other cheek.  THEY do what they want.  Apparently, Yahweh told them they could.  Hardly the Equality I was told to expect in America.   The Jews have picked the Christians clean.  Only a handful of so-called adherents to Christianity made any real money or gained any real power and for the most part they did so because, behind the scenes, they played by Jew rules, not Christian rules.

So I could be a Pagan BUT it seems the Pagan’s weren’t very strong either and were either forcibly converted or coerced into converting.  Methinks it was mostly forcible despite the Catholic insistence that all it took to convert people was nice stories about Shamrocks and such.  and LOVE.  Ha.

So is there a god of the universe or not?  I don’t know.  I DO know that there are forces.  There are natural forces (like lightening), seemingly supernatural forces (things the scientists haven’t figured out yet) and there are human forces.  Force is what makes things happen.  More on that in my next post.