Important News From Bundy Ranch

And before you throw this guy under the bus for PRETENDING not to be racial, remember that he is new to being in the spotlight and HAS taken on the ZOG formerly known as the Federal Government.  He’s displayed a lot of guts so let’s not alienate the guy, mkay?  Here’s the news.

I’m going to try to stay abreast of this situation in case an opportunity arises where we can be supportive.  The guy’s been fighting the beast.  He shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Abusing White Children

div camp

Hahaha. Just a little jokey poo!

So they have this wonderful enriching, anti-racist thingy now called Diversity Camp.  It makes my stomach ache.  This webpage which appears to have been “disappeared” TWO DAYS AGO which can only be viewed on a cached page, begins, “Each day children face growing pressures from the struggles against crime, drugs, and racism.”

We could solve that “racism” problem in 5 minutes.  Allow Whites that wish to, to segregate themselves from non-Whites.  Wah Lah!  No more racism!  But you won’t do that will you anti-Whites?  You need to coerce (or force) little White children to feel bad about who they are and to make reparations to future criminals starting at BIRTH.  And the only solution really and your endgame is for little White children to make little Brown children right?  There’s some nice money in this anti-racism gig too isn’t there, you scumbags?  Nice little salaries, hmmmm?  What the hell are you going to do when there’s no more “racism” to fight?  You’re useless for anything else.

I’ve got a couple of solutions for the drug problem too.  You could stop shipping in OpiYUM  from Afganistan.  You’ve (anti-White government) paid over $7 BILLION  to stop the opium trade out of that hellhole and yet, it’s worse than ever.  SURELY you don’t expect us to believe you are THAT INEPT?  You’ve “failed” huh?  Again?  Yeah right.  Failed with Fast and Furious too huh?  Somehow Eric Holder and his posse managed to sell guns to Mexican Cartels “by accident, I swear!”.  (Documentation came out a couple of days ago) Oh and is Eric “My People” Holder’s “incompetence” because of “racism”?  Oh yes, I’m sure that Whitey has been holding him back all these years, that’s why he’s the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES.

Anyway……………………..OUR kids are FINE or they will be if they are not forced to go to a multi-cultural cesspool everyday where they can learn to take drugs and have sex.

Rumor has it there are diversity camps popping up elsewhere in the U.S.  There’s money in it.  Crate and Barrel donated $1000 to this one in Chicago that I linked to.  Your best customers are White people Crate and Barrel!  What idiots you are!

Anyway………..enough ranting.  Time to take action.  Aryan Street is going to be the training ground for the infiltration of Diversity Camps, wherever they pop up.  We are looking for bright, aged 20 something White people to join the team.  More details to follow.

Conflict Resolution

I’m taking my blog back.

When I have someone spewing on my blog, I put them in moderation.  This means, I have to approve their comments before the comments are allowed on my blog.  I have had to do this for the first time today at Aryan Street.

I am not into democracy where everyone gets a voice even if the way they are communicating is harmful to the group.  I’m a thought leader, at least here on my blog and when someone else’s way of communicating interferes with the purposes of this blog, their comments must be moderated.

If someone has a problem they would like to discuss with me, it would be great to get a logically organized note sent to my email so I can address the problem.  Here’s my email address.  Please keep your communication succinct, without the histrionics please and if you can do that, I promise to investigate.

For Women Only – The Secret To A Happy Life

This is a post I should have made a long time ago. 

Ya see, I did this thing for the first time when I was only 22 year old.  I did it again when I was 28.  I only did it twice, and I wish I’d done it more times, when I could, but it has filled my life with a purpose and a contentment I could only dream of. 

What was this wonderful event my life?  Why it’s having children of course! 

I would have written this post sooner had I realized just how unpopular the idea of having children has gotten with “first world” women.  I thought every girl dreamed of having a family!

Just how common it is for White women to NOT want kids became horrifyingly clear to me a few weeks ago.  I was in a department store and two delightful, seemingly intelligent and attractive young White women (they were both in their early 20s) were helping me with a purchase.  I found myself asking them, as I sometimes do with White women, if they were planning to have children.  BOTH girls seemed horrified with the notion.  I asked why.  One said, she was basically a bad person and would be a bad parent and the other said she wanted to improve the world and kids would hold prevent her from doing that.


Naturally I spent some time talking to them about how faulty their thinking is, especially the latter of the two.  I hope they will re-consider but I’ve spent a lot of time in last few weeks mulling it over.

It’s so tragic, how these girls and countless other have been brainwashed to think that they shouldn’t embark on what is the most useful, the most rewarding thing they could do with their life.  And they HAVE been brainwashed, just as many of us have been. 

Even I, who as a girl had always dreamed of having an unspecified amount of kids but definitely a few (3-5?) had come to the conclusion after having my first child that maybe it would be best to stop there!  Thank heavens my mother convinced me that my first child needed a sibling!  Thanks mom!  I hadn’t even watched as much television as most women my age (I loved to read) and still somehow, the prevailing dogma of the day had permeated my mind. 

I don’t know how to convince young girls to have children other than to say that if you don’t, you’ll regret it.  My life as an empty nester is so less full and rich than my life as the mother of young children so I cannot imagine what life would be like had I never had them.

And please dear sisters who are too old to have children now or can’t…please do not take this as a slur to you but I MUST impress upon the younger generation how important this is to our race and to them personally! 

Children give you a good reason to get out of bed early in the morning.  If you must work to survive (because your man can’t quite cover all the bills because of this horrible economy) they give you a reason to suffer through the work day.  They give you are good reason to take care of your home, prepare good meals and live a healthy lifestyle.  In your old age you have memories with them.  They help you celebrate YOUR parents’ milestones.  And so much more. 

And it should be said that if you’ve been a devoted parent to them, they are more likely to see that you are WELL cared for in the future if you have difficulty caring for yourself.  They won’t just trust you to strangers (without at least taking an active role in overseeing the care).  Your children(and hopefully THEIR burgeoning families) will actually give a hoot about your welfare.  They will come visit you and perhaps even listen to your advice.  Won’t that be fun?  Do you think some African who you shared your religion with is going to do this for you?  What about your 5 million facebook friends?  Hmmmm

Guess that’s it.  Ladies, if you have children or wish you did or should have, please DO share in the comment about it.  It’s okay to share the good, the bad and the ugly too.  If you’ve made mistakes with your kids, share that too so we can all learn from you. 

Thanks for reading and thanks HR for prodding me to write about this.