Love him or hate him, know one can say F. Glenn Miller  is a coward.  His words below:


by Glenn Miller

Cowardice has been the White man’s prime survival strategy for at least the last 4 decades, and it afflicts us all, to one degree or another. Cowardice, you see, makes our lives easier and safer. It’s politically correct, the national status quo, what’s expected, and is demanded by popular culture.

It is impossible for any White man to be a real man in this Jew created and ruled society, which forbids White men to unite and stick together. White men can only pretend to be men, and even then, fool no one but themselves. Alone, we have no choice, but to be cowards. Only when we come together into White organizations and are under strong leaders can we begin to regain our manhood.

White cowardice is like the proverbial elephant in the kitchen no one speaks about. But it’s there and everybody knows it, and it get’s bigger and stinks more every day.

The blacks, hispanics, and asians stick together. But Whites do not. And all the races know it. These facts are deeply ingrained into our minds. It’s the American culture now, the American perception, and an undeniable fact of American life. Each White man is like a small island surrounded by a violent sea of colored humanity.

Every time we leave our homes and go out into public life, we all know damn well that if we get into a fight with a black or hispanic (for whatever reason(s) ), other black’s or hispanic’s will jump in, especially if we get the best of our opponent. And, we also know that other White men will not jump in, no matter how brutally we are beaten. It’s a no-win situation for us. And so, since we know this fact of public life beforehand, we automatically act and speak cowardly in order to defuse the confrontation so as to avoid the fight we know we’ll lose. Sometimes, we try to “laugh it off” – humor our colored antagonists into non violence. White children see and naturally emulate this and similar cowardly behavior.

The typical White schoolboy, so accustomed to black and hispanic machoism and White cowardice, is delighted when his older sister dates a black or hispanic. It makes school life safer and easier. He’ll be treated with more respect. His White peers will even envy his good fortune… Racial insanities continue and increase with each dwindling White generation.

White women have learned well thru experience and by societal norms that White men will not, and should not, protect them. After all, women have been liberated. They’re equal. White men have been liberated from the historical duty to defend White women. ZOG’s laws and jews-media’s “political correctness” say’s so. Defending White woman will be seen as racist. Let the cops defend them. So what if tens of thousands of them are raped and hundreds of thousands are assaulted yearly by black men. Neither the media, politicians, nor society makes a fuss about it. Why should I stick my neck out. Hell, I might be attacked myself if I get involved or even discuss the problem in public. Besides, I can always come up with an excuse. Play it safe. Don’t get involved. Go with the smart money. Let somebody else “do it.”

Part 2

Woman have always chosen cowardice and slavery over war and violence for the obvious reason they’re the weaker sex. And they have responded to White male cowardice in the only way they could. They kiss up to every male but White ones. And kissing up is politically correct, perfectly acceptable to all. The jews-media (especially TV sitcoms) teaches White women how to interact “properly” with colored men, in all situations. To interact differently is not in the White woman’s self interests. Not politically correct. Not good for her survival strategy. Mustn’t take the chance of being seen as racist.

My cousin, a Greyhound bus driver for 35 years, confided: “Glenn, guess what? When I retire next September I’m gonna put a rebel flag in front of my house. I’m not kidding, Glenn. I’m really gonna do it. I couldn’t do nothing or say nothing all these years cause I’d have been fired.” (I tried unsuccessfully, for over 30 years to convince him to join or support the White movement).

My son Jess returned to South Sioux city, Nebraska to visit his best friend. They’d been racist pals when we resided there years earlier. Jess’ friend now displays a bumper sticker on his auto: “ERACISM.” When Jess asked why, he said shamefacedly, ” It makes life easier.”

When I tried to strike up conversations about racial problems with hundreds of truck drivers I drove team with or spoke with at truck stops (1991-2002), most quickly informed me: ” But I am part Indian.” Being “part-Indian”, you see, removes the need to be interested in the racial problems affecting White people. It’s an escape. Most of the others simply tried to change the subject. Few were willing to engage in serious conversation, and many became agitated, even irate, because I always persisted. I can count on one hand the number willing to ride with me a second trip.

We’ve all heard the cowardly alibi: ” I get along with blacks just fine. Long as they don’t bother me, I ain’t gonna bother them.” When you answer that alibi with: But niggers rape tens of thousands of White women and violently assault over a million and a half White people each year,” (or a similar answer), you get silence and that blank spotlighted deer look, followed by loss of eye contact and usually a quick exit. You’ve made him admit his cowardice and he despises you for it. But I do this anyhow. At least it forces him to change his alibi.

The acknowledgement of White cowardice has driven literally tens of millions of White Americans to try to escape it by undergoing a voluntary human metamorphosis and becoming “part-Indian.” 95% would become proven liars by a simple DNA test, but their children grow up believing the lie. Abandoning the White race means not having to fight for it or defend it in any way. A female newspaper reporter I know visited a Springfield, Missouri 4th grade classroom and asked the 30, or so, students which of them were “pure White?” Only 4 students raised their hands. Springfield is 94% White and of the best racial stock in the entire country.

Part 3

Do you remember the famous O. J. Simpson “Bronco” ride on Los Angeles freeways? The world watched that “parade” on live TV. Simpson was then wanted for the brutal neck-slashing murder of his White wife, Nicole. The world watched thousands of White men (and White women) wave and
cheer that nigger as he drove past, and gave him the thumbs up and shouted, “Go O J go,” even though they knew in their honest minds he was guilty and was even then fleeing the law. Some even jumped up and down in jubilation, like at a football game.

So why did all those thousands of White men cheer O. J. Simpson? I’ll tell you. They did so out of fear. Cheering was simply another demonstration of White survival strategy. Besides, the black spectators were cheering. Can’t go against the blacks. It makes them angry. Must avoid confrontation at all cost. If we cheer, instead of boo, then we won’t be taking a public stand detrimental to our good health, safety, and self interests. It makes life easier…

That incredible mass cowardice televised world wide has never, to this day, ever been discussed, much less explained by any journalist, either TV or press, including Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, or any other so called “no-spin” reporter or politician.

Bill Clinton proclaimed to thousands of White Oregon college students: “I’ll be glad when Whites are the minority”, and was given loud cheers and applause. Not one boo. Not one protest. The President of the United
States publicly acknowledged the ongoing genocide against the White race and said it was good! And the popular-cultured, cowardly White mob agreed, enthusiastically. The slave mentality displayed by those White students is precisely the same as that displayed by the citizens of Oceania in George Orwell’s “1984”. (the book & movie.)

Even active U.S. presidents are forced by Jew power to be cowards. I refer to the highly publicized taped conversation between Richard Nixon and Billy Graham. The audio tape of that 1972 conversation was kept secret for 30 years, then released in 2002 and reported by TV and the press world wide.

Graham to Nixon; “Unless the Jewish stranglehold on the media is broken, this country is going down the drain.”

Nixon whispers in reply; “Oh yes. I agree. But we must never let anyone know we know.”

There is a world of insight into jew power over both the government and the media in just those two short sentences. Use common sense. The commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation on earth and the most prominent protestant in the world both agree that (1) The Jews control the media, and are using that control to drag America “down the drain”, and (2) The U.S. president can not even inform the U.S. congress or the American people. In other words, the Jews are destroying our country but the president of the U.S. and so-called leader of the free world was too terrified of the Jews to even talk about it in public. If this doesn’t make your blood boil, than nothing ever will.

Since the president of the U.S. was too terrified of the Jews to tell the truth about them, surely you don’t expect senators, congressmen, legislators, generals, or gentiles working for the Jewish-media to. They are all forced to be cowards for fear of the Jews. Simple as that!

Read more here.

Believing the Jew

This civilization is not run by White men anymore.  I propose we who claim to be “awake” to Jew lies stop depending on the Jewstream media for our news and the court system to determine who is guilty or innocent.

We all know of people who have been wrongly imprisoned, their lives ruined.  We also know of good men in our movement who have been killed.  Why are we so quick to side with our oppressors against our own?

Lately myself and others have noticed a couple of trends.  White men who are sticking their necks out by writing well or organizing WNs are being cut down and made ineffective (at least for a time) by a small handful of tactics.

One tactic is to “out” the man as a racialist to the world and most specifically his workplace.  This way, the man has no way to support himself a wife or family and potentially will spend the next few years after the attack, or even the rest of his life cleaning up the wreckage.  If the man is self-employed, or underemployed, his wife may be targeted.  This tactic is accomplished as easily as making a few anonymous phone calls to an employer.  Self employment is the best way to avoid this problem, btw.

Another method of attempting to silence dissidents is fairly simple and low risk for the perpetrators.  It is the sending of child pornography to the victim so that it loads onto their computer.  It is very easy to do.  It can be sent in an email and disguised as something else.   Once the file is opened, it is permanently stored on the man’s computer whether he likes it or not.  At this point, a police raid is fairly easy to pull off.  All it takes is a few lies (or in some cases the truth) that the man has a cache of weapons and is “a danger”.  Sadly, most of you in the movement immediately believe the worst and turn your back on the victim.  You believe the Jew narrative unquestioningly!  The system DOES often choose men in the movement who are not well liked to focus on, just as many lions when hunting pick off the weakest members of the herd.  DON’T BE FOOLED.  We have seen a number of examples of this over the years.  It’s a pattern.  (To prevent this, avoid opening attachments sent to your email unless you are absolutely certain they are from someone you know.  CALL the person and make sure they sent the attachment and that no one has hijacked their email account)

The final ploy I’m going to cover is that of saying that a movement man killed himself.  They said it about Hitler and they have said it about many men since then.  Killing a man, then calling it a suicide produces a double whammy effect, getting rid of an enemy while demoralizing people in the movement.  If they can make it look like the WN type killed a couple of children before killing himself, that’s even better, in their eyes.  All the women in the movement and all the girly-men are just appalled, APPALLED I tell ya when these things happen.  (I don’t know how one could prevent this.  I guess if you are a little whiny boy or girl who believe the Jew about everything, you could avoid this fate.)

It’s really lame to believe the Jew narrative about everything.  You claim to know the media/government Jews hate us and yet your believe everything they say.  It’s very disappointing.

Grow up.  I am not stating a conspiracy theory here.  They really ARE out to get us.

And don’t bother debating with me in the comments about this.  I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense and will delete your comment.  I don’t believe in free speech for dumb people.








Wow! Badass Woman

Admittedly, she is not super Aryan looking (although she DOES have light eyes).  I admire her conviction.  I have used photos from her younger years because I know Murkans are visually oriented and her younger photos will capture your attention better than the recent photos of her at age 38.beate

Anyway, this is the stuff of movies (but not Jew movies).  Who needs Jew movies when real life is so interesting?  This woman apparently had two lover/accomplices and the three of them allegedly killed at least 10 enemies of Germany between 2000 and 2007.  Now she is in court and she shows complete disrespect toward the press there and also the families of those she and her accomplices allegedly killed, turning her back on them.  I’m not sure how the Jews have gotten her to break her silence after 4 years.  Have they threatened to harm her family members?  Have they tortured her?  Are they using mind control techniques gleaned from Nazi Scientists?  Who knows?

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